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Maini Sorri and northern lightsMaini Sorri Someday (Official Music Video) with breath taking nature views was released on September 26th 2017, produced in Pakistan.

Someday endured 43 weeks on Music World Radio’s Top 20 Charts in Spain among rock groups from America and Europe. Someday EP was released  on March 1st 2010 in UK and on September 13th 2010 in USA. Label is Reya music. Vocals and music by Maini Sorri,  English lyrics by Barbara Helsingius, orig. lyrics by Mikko Anttila, instrumental by Jaakko Viitala.

Maini Sorri  – Christmas In Our Hearts (Official Music Video) with amazing snowy nature views was released on December 11th 2017, and produced by Trustudios, UK.

Christmas In Our Hearts was released on Spirit of December Vol. 7 album in Florida, USA on November 23rd 2017 by Music Revolution Records. Christmas Our Hearts EP was released in Sweden in December 2006 and in November 29th 2010 in UK.  Label is Reya music. Christmas In Our Hearts was Maini’s first CD in English. Vocals, original lyrics and music by Maini Sorri, English lyrics by Barbara Helsingius and instrumental by Jaakko Viitala.

Maini Sorri - MoiraTommie Brewster, New Zealand, has play listed Moira in her World Music shows that are broadcasted in US, South America and UK. It makes 8 broadcasts each week. Tommie Brewster is the ambassador to New Zealand of The Blues Hall of Fame.

Paul Stoutenberg played Moira 27th March on Muziekplus at Radio Riddenkerk, Netherlands.

Barry Wilson played Moira at Alternation at NE1FM, Newcastle UK.

Moira is play listed daily by Hip Hop Rap radio 98,2 the Beat in Los Angeles.

Moira is a featured video on highly rated Mixshowblast in Los Angeles. See Moira Official Music video here at Mixshowblast

Maini Sorri - Just A Dream (Remixes)Maini’s new Just a Dream (Radio Edit) video is a featured video on highly rated Mixshowblast in Los Angeles! You can see it here at Mixshowblast

Just A Dream (Radio Edit) is in rotation on the great Hip Hop Rap radio station 98,2 The Beat in Los Angeles, and aired several times a day here at 98,2 The Beat

Chelsea Militano stars the video together with Adam Suzuki and Maini Sorri. The video is produced by W.A. Henderson, Hollywood and Johan Zetterlund, Sweden.

Label behind the release is Reya music, Sweden. Music is by Maini and lyrics by Gary Cornman, the remix is by Carsten Lehmann from Germany.



Maini Sorri - Just A Dream (Remixes)Just A Dream (Remixes) is now #1 on CMJ RPM adds chart in New York at M3 Radio and playlisted in 24 US states: New York, California, Florida, Texas, Tennessee, Arkansas, Arizona, Alabama, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maine, Michigan, New Hampshire,  New Jersey, New Mexico, Rhode Island, Utah, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Vermont and Wisconsin, and also in Newfoundland and Ontario in Canada.

Among the radio stations that have play listed Just A Dream (Trilogy Dreamix) is Hip Hop Rap station 98.2 the Beat in Los Angeles, syndicated worldwide, that play Mainis track several times a day.

Mainis Just A Dream (Trilogy Dreamix) Official video is a featured video on in Los Angeles. Mixshowblast is highly ranked in US but also in Japan and Singapore.

KQVMFM in Los Angeles has playlisted Just A Dream (Trilogy Dreamix), syndicated with radiostations in New York and Netherlands

Maini Sorri - Hold MeMainis new video Hold Me is now in heavy rotation on The Bobby T Show in USA. The Bobby T Show was the winner of two national Billboard Music Video Awards in Pop & Dance categories. Bobby T Show has also been awarded “Best Programming Award”. The show airs from coast to coast,  from Los Angeles to New York.

Bobby T Tanory which has over 30 year experience in radio/TV is the host and producer of the show. There have been hundreds of TV interviews of artists and celebrities over the years.

Sidewalks TV  in California has confirmed that they will add Hold Me video to future reel. Sidewalks Entertainment show is produced in the San Francisco Bay Area and presents celebrity interviews, music and rising performers. It features many popular and classic stars, such as Harrison Ford, Salma Hayek, Jane Seymour etc , and singers Martina MdBride, Kelly Rowland, Daughtry etc. etc.

Sidewalks Entertainment can be seen in Northern and Central California on Comcast Hometown Network, KOTR, KQSL, KCRT, KCTH, and Channel 27 in Fairfield, and  Comcast Hometown in Manitowoc, Wisconsin.


There is a new video of the new dance/techno single with heavy beats by Maini, Please Go Away. Be one of the first to comment! This is another great video by Johan Zetterlund, Sweden, who also produced Maini – Shiny Eyes video.

There are views from both Sweden and USA. This is perfect must see video this season with rain, rain and rain and if you dream of leaving the rain and cold and end up somewhere else.

Here is the link, enjoy the video on Youtube

Music by Maini Sorri, Sweden, Lyrics by Gary Cornman, USA

Music arranged, recorded, mixed and mastered by Carsten Lehmann, Germany and Jaakko Viitala, Sweden

Instruments by Jaakko Viitala & Erik Nyström, Sweden and Carsten Lehmann, Germany

Vocals recorded by Janne Jutila, Sweden

Music video produced and CD artwork pic by Johan Zetterlund, Sweden. Released November 14th 2012

Maini – Please Go Away single Released by Reya music, Sweden, November 13th 2012


Maini - Let Me Do Your Time cdcoverMy single Let Me Do Your Time is now available on iTunes around the world.

You find it on iTunes in Great Britain here You can switch to iTunes in your country by clicking the little round flag at the bottom right of the page and then choose your country.

You find it on iTunes USA here ,  Swedenhere ,  and Spain here

in Germany here , in Italy here and in Finland here

It is also available on itunes in Canada, Australia, Denmark, France, Greece, Ireland, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal and Switzerland. Searchword Maini.

If you have problems with finding the track on iTunes or need advice about access to iTunes, please contact me on facebook here or email maini.sorri(at)

If you live in USA you can buy Let Me Do Your Time on here

Let Me Do Your Time is available on Spotify too, Spotify

You find the Let Me Do Your Time video here

Soon Let Me Do Your Time will be available on all web shops below.  Then you can check up the list, find your country and your favourite web shop.

Sweden          eMusic

Sweden          Nokia Music

United Kingdom                  eMusic

United Kingdom                  Napster UK

United Kingdom                  Ovi Music

United Kingdom        

United Kingdom                  Spotify

United Kingdom                  Tesco Digital

United Kingdom                  Tunetribe

United Kingdom                  We7

UAE               Nokia Music

USA               eMusic

USA               iMesh

USA               iTunes USA

USA               MOG All Access

USA               Napster

Spain             eMusic

Spain             iTunes Spain

Spain             Nokia Music

Spain             Spotify

Australia        iTunes Australia

Australia        Nokia Music

Austria           eMusic

Austria           iTunes Austria

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Belgium         eMusic

Belgium         iTunes Belgium

Brazil             Nokia Music

Bulgaria         eMusic

Canada           iMesh

Canada           iTunes Canada

Canada           Napster

Cyprus           eMusic

Czech Republic                    eMusic

Denmark        eMusic

Denmark        iTunes Denmark

Denmark        Nokia Music

Estonia          eMusic

Finland          eMusic

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France            eMusic

France            iTunes France

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France            Spotify

Germany        eMusic

Germany        iTunes Germany

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Greece            eMusic

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Hungary        eMusic

India              Nokia Music

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Ireland           iTunes Ireland

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Japan              iTunes Japan

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Latvia             eMusic

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Luxembourg                         eMusic

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Malta             eMusic

Mexico          Nokia Music

Netherlands                          eMusic

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Netherlands   Spotify

New Zealand                        iTunes New Zealand

Norway          iTunes Norway

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Norway          Spotify

Poland           eMusic

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Portugal         eMusic

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Romania        eMusic

Russia            Nokia Music

Singapore      Nokia Music

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South Africa                         Nokia Music

Switzerland                          iTunes Switzerland

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Switzerland                          Nokia Music

Maini - Let Me Do Your Time cdcoverReview by The Tea Room Music, UK  January 17 2011

“Maini’s new single ‘Let Me Do Your Time’ is a good example of Euro club music- within seconds of the song beginning, you can imagine yourself dancing away in Ibiza. The music is fairly strong – there is a heavy techno background to it with a good melody, composed by Maini herself. The production and arrangement is fantastic and makes the instrumental parts of the track highly enjoyable”..

See the video here Maini – Let Me Do Your Time

I am back!


maplepathSummer is gone, it is now Autumn in Sweden. How my summer was ? Yes thanks, it was fine. I have worked very much with the Church Parliament election but now the election is over and I have finally more time for music and for my blog posts!

My trip to Finland was great, the weather was wonderful. For the third time, without planning it, I ended up in Tampere just that special night that is called the Night of Arts. I went to several concerts, it was a warm lovely night with Nordic light, so it was really wonderful. To sit in Tampere cathedral and listen to a beautiful soprano the last thing that night was great.

Proud Mum and babiesWhat happened to those young Golden eyes that I told about? The day after I wrote my blogpost about them there were only three of them left.  But those three made it through all dangers for young birds, and grew up and became more and more look a likes of their mother.

It is so funny that they really did recognise me. When I came to their little lake and called them they always came to me. They developped a kind of swimming style that made it possible for them to stay on the same spot without floating away so they could listen to everything I said without moving at all.  Their mother had left the lake for a long time ago and maybe I could be some kind of mother for them for a little while every day. When we had “talked enough” for that day they swam away and I continued my walk in the forest.

Wise Young OwlWhat about the owl? I was so certain about that the owl didn’t get any young birds last summer because I hadn’t seem them and I always find them if they are there. No one else had seen them either. That is why it was a big suprise for me that I met a guy in the forest yesterday that told me that he had seen the owl with 2 young birds high up in a tree  in June. It was nice to hear because it means that the pair of owls still like our City forrest and are certainly coming back even next year. I just can’t wait. I love those grey feather balls:)

Of course I am planning new music projects and I have already been recording in studio. I will very soon upload a new video here. I have written 8 new songs to lyrics by Gary Cornman from USA. Thank you Gary for great lyrics and for great team work!

Have a nice Autumn! And if the season is Spring in your country I wish you a nice Spring!

My new video I am leaving was aired on TV6 in USA 14th of June! I am very happy about it. I am leaving is one of my most popular songs. The English lyrics are written by Barbara Helsingius. Marjo Riitta Oksanen wrote original lyrics. The video is made by Kerstin Svanberg, a radio producer and artist.

Look at these wonderful pictures of Swedish nature in winter and summer, enjoy and please write a comment!

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