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Maini Sorri and northern lightsMaini Sorri Someday (Official Music Video) with breath taking nature views was released on September 26th 2017, produced in Pakistan.

Someday endured 43 weeks on Music World Radio’s Top 20 Charts in Spain among rock groups from America and Europe. Someday EP was released  on March 1st 2010 in UK and on September 13th 2010 in USA. Label is Reya music. Vocals and music by Maini Sorri,  English lyrics by Barbara Helsingius, orig. lyrics by Mikko Anttila, instrumental by Jaakko Viitala.

Maini Sorri  – Christmas In Our Hearts (Official Music Video) with amazing snowy nature views was released on December 11th 2017, and produced by Trustudios, UK.

Christmas In Our Hearts was released on Spirit of December Vol. 7 album in Florida, USA on November 23rd 2017 by Music Revolution Records. Christmas Our Hearts EP was released in Sweden in December 2006 and in November 29th 2010 in UK.  Label is Reya music. Christmas In Our Hearts was Maini’s first CD in English. Vocals, original lyrics and music by Maini Sorri, English lyrics by Barbara Helsingius and instrumental by Jaakko Viitala.

Spirit of December Volume 7 - Songs of Peace Love and Hope - Front CoverMaini Sorri’s Christmas In Our Hearts is featured on a seasonal compilation album titled Spirit of December 7: Songs of Peace, Love and Hope; courtesy of record label Melodic Revolution Records.

As an annual tradition; Melodic Revolution Records releases Spirit of December to promote seasonal spirit and good will from one person to another through the positive power of music and has been rather poetically released on Thanksgiving Day. You can stream the entirety of the 14 track Spirit of December 7: Songs of Peace, Love and Hope album for free from November 23rd 2017 until the end of January 2018.