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I Fall To Pieces cd artwork 700Maini’s new single will be played on radio in UK many times this week. Please tune in on Monday – 7pm – 10pm  GMT (8pm-11pm Swedish time and CET, 2pm-5pm EST) WRFN 1025 

Wednesday – 10am – 12noon GMT (11 am-1pm Swedish time and CET, 5am-7am EST) Identify Radio

Wednesday – 6pm – 8pm GMT (7pm-9pm Swedish time and CET, 1pm-3pm EST) GloTIMEradio

Wednesday – 7am – 9am GMT (8pm-10pm Swedish time and CET, 2pm-4pm EST)– Rock Radio UK

Friday – 6pm – 8pm GMT (7pm-9pm Swedish time and CET, 1pm-3pm EST) Revival Internet Radio

Saturday – 11pm – 1am GMT

Sunday – 12 noon – 2pm GMT Warm Radio UK

Sunday – 8pm – 10pm GMT  Fasching Web Radio

Last Saturday Maini’s single was played on  Sword Radio UK

Maini Sorri - MoiraTommie Brewster, New Zealand, has play listed Moira in her World Music shows that are broadcasted in US, South America and UK. It makes 8 broadcasts each week. Tommie Brewster is the ambassador to New Zealand of The Blues Hall of Fame.

Paul Stoutenberg played Moira 27th March on Muziekplus at Radio Riddenkerk, Netherlands.

Barry Wilson played Moira at Alternation at NE1FM, Newcastle UK.

Moira is play listed daily by Hip Hop Rap radio 98,2 the Beat in Los Angeles.

Moira is a featured video on highly rated Mixshowblast in Los Angeles. See Moira Official Music video here at Mixshowblast

Maini Sorri - MoiraMaini Sorri & Jörgen Hansson’s single Moira has been aired on many radio stations around the world! Scrubradio located in New York plays Moira and Maini’s other songs. You can visit Maini’s page on Scrubradio here, see her bio and play lists.

Moira has been aired on MusicWorldradio on Radio Variety Show hosted by DJ Readman, UK.

James Burke playlisted Moira at The England Swings show on March 9th. The England Swings show plays “the best, brightest, newest, and coolest music from the United Kingdom” at Radio Fairfax in Virginia, US.

Moira is in rotation at Hip Hop radio station 98,2 The Beat in Los Angeles, CA and aired more than once daily. Moira video is a featured video at 98,2 the Beat.

Moira has been aired on Aiiradio, the Women’s touch show hosted by Nick Katona, Florida, US.

Barry Wilson has played Moira at Alternation on NE1FM, Newcastle UK.

Moira is also playlisted at Costa Calida radio in Spain.

DJ Shawn, Kansas, US  has played Moira at his show Everything But a Kitchen Sink at The Global Voice.

Also Hits of the Future, The Thing, Acoustic Spectrum,  Awesome Radio, Tom Mallow, Riviera FM, The Source, Oban FM, The Sunday Alternative, Radio Tircoed has reguested Moira for airplay.

Maini Sorri - Just A Dream (Remixes)Maini’s single Just A Dream (Remixes) is a great success in USA. It is now playlisted on radiostations in 20 US states, New York, California, Florida, Massachusetts, Arizona, Texas, Alabama, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Maine, Michigan, New Mexico, Minnesota, Utah, Vermont, Wisconsin, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois and Vermont and also in Ontario and Newfoundland in Canada.

Among stations that play Just A Dream (Trilogy Dreamix) frequently is 98.2 the Beat in LA, syndicated worlwide.

Many stations has placed Maini’s single high up on CMJ add playlists:

#1: WSUW 91.7 FM Whitewater, Wisconsin

#2: WERU 89.9 FM East Orland, Maine, WMNF 88.5 FM Tampa, Florida, WRUV 90.1 FM Burlington, Vermont and WXCI 91.7 FM Danbury, Connecticut.

After 2 week’s radio promotion it was already playlisted in 16 US states.

Maini is also very happy for plays at Women’s touch by Nick Katona at in Florida, USA, in Radio Variety Show by DJ Readman UK at MusicWordradio, in The England Swings at Radio Fairfax, Virginia, USA, in World Music Shows that are aired in USA, UK and South America at WROMradio by Tommie Brewster, New Zeeland,  on Arzuk TV, California by Gonzalo Arzamendi and in Alternation by Barry at NE1FM

Read the review of Just A Dream (Remixes) by Justin Beebe at WRUV 90,1 FM in Vermont:

“Cute as a button, Swedish Pop Dance artist Maini is back with another upbeat single titled Just a Dream. The single contains the original plus five other versions of the track. The original has more of a Disco Dance feel to it while the remixes are more EDM based. Another solid effort from Maini.”

Read the original review here at WRUV


Maini Sorri - Just A Dream (Remixes)The England Swings Show airs “The best, brightest, newest, and coolest music from the United Kingdom!” Tonight’s show includes Just A Dream (Trilogy Dreamix) from Maini’s new single Just A Dream (Remixes)!

There is lots of new music on the show including new tracks from Rudimental, Calvin Harris, Jake Bugg, and more. There will be a celebration of the UK’s 1,000th number one album, named just this morning and Top 5 Countdown : Yet another new number one song in the UK today, and much more.

Tune in today 6 pm EST, 0:00 GMT, 1:00 CET, anywhere in the world

Click Stream Radio Fairfax or Play Webcam.

The show is aired from Fairfax, Virginia, USA.

In Northern Virginia : Cox and Verizon digital cable channel 37

In Reston, Virginia : Comcast channel 27

Maini Sorri - Just A Dream (Remixes)You can find Maini’s new EP Just A Dream (Remixes) on iTunes in your country around the world. Please check follow the link below to Maini – Just A Dream (Remixes) page on iTunes in your country!

USA: Just A Dream (Remixes) on iTunes USA
UK: Just A Dream (Remixes) on iTunes UK
Sweden: Just A Dream (Remixes) on iTunes Sweden
Finland: Just A Dream (Remixes) on iTunes Finland
Norway: Just A Dream (Remixes) on iTunes Norway
Italy: Just A Dream (Remixes) on iTunes Italy
Denmark: Just A Dream (Remixes) on iTunes Denmark
Germany: Just A Dream (Remixes) on iTunes Germany
Canada: Just A Dream (Remixes) on iTunes Canada
Spain: Just A Dream (Remixes) on iTunes Spain
Australia:  Just A Dream (Remixes) on iTunes Australia
Frankrike: Just A Dream (Remixes) on iTunes Frankrike
Irland: Just A Dream (Remixes) on iTunes Irland
Japan: Just A Dream (Remixes) on iTunes Japan
Hungary: Just A Dream (Remixes) on iTunes Hungary
Netherlands: Just A Dream (Remixes) on iTunes Netherlands
Austria: Just A Dream (Remixes) on iTunes Austria
Romania: Just A Dream (Remixes) on iTunes Romania
Estonia: Just A Dream (Remixes) on iTunes Estonia
Latvia: Just A Dream (Remixes) on iTunes Latvia
Lithuania: Just A Dream (Remixes) on iTunes Lithuania
Czech republic: Just A Dream (Remixes) on iTunes Czech republic
Greece: Just A Dream (Remixes) on iTunes Greece
Portugal: Just A Dream (Remixes) on iTunes Portugal
Mexico: Just A Dream (Remixes) on iTunes Mexico
Brazil: Just A Dream (Remixes) on iTunes Brazil
Poland: Just A Dream (Remixes) on iTunes Portugal
Argentina: Just A Dream (Remixes) on iTunes Argentina
New Zeeland: Just A Dream (Remixes) on iTunes Netherlands
Malta: Just A Dream (Remixes) on iTunes Malta
Bulgaria: Just A Dream (Remixes) on iTunes Bulgaria
Cyprus: Just A Dream (Remixes) on iTunes Cyprus
Slovakia: Just A Dream (Remixes) on iTunes Slovakia

Maini profile pic Hold meMaini Sorri has won Emubands/Alchemy Mastering competition in UK. The prize is that Maini’s next single after Hold Me will be mastered by Alchemy Mastering in London. Alchemy has over the years worked with lots of famous artists and bands, among them Paul McCartney, Guns ´n´ Roses and Oasis.

Alchemy contacted Maini the same day as the name of the winner of the competition was announced. Maini look forward to co-work with the world famous Alchemy Mastering Team. She is happy and proud for winning the prize.

EmuBands is a popular music distributer in UK.

Maini Sorri - Hold MeMainis catchy dance single Hold Me is available from Australia to USA. Follow the links to Hold Me pages in different stores around the world:

Maini – Hold Me at JB Hi Fi (Australia)


Amazon UK 

itunes:  itunes USA  itunes UK    itunes Sweden

itunes Finland    itunes Norway   itunes Italy    itunes Denmark   itunes Germany  itunes Spain  itunes  Canada

or click the little flag top down right on the page and choose the flag of your country to come to itunes in your country.








WiMP (Norway)



Listen to Hold Me, it is in the player here on Mainis website.

See the great Maini – Hold Me – Official Music Video, produced by video director W.A. Henderson from Los Angeles, here

Hold Me was released by Reya music, Sweden on May 7th 2013.






Press releases are sent! This is the release day of 2 new singles. Label is Reya music in Sweden. Maini – Please Go Away is a catchy dance/techno track produced in Germany and Sweden. Maini Sorri – Please Go Away (Rock Remix) is a rock version of the same song, produced in Sweden.

Maini – Please Go Away was aired before the release November 13 at NE1fm and Please Go Away (Rock Remix) was aired at Radio Variety Show on Music World Radio. Rock Remix will be played on MuzikPlus in Netherlands at Radio Ridderkerk on November 29 at 6pm CET. Click Luister Live.

Listen to Rock Remix at NE1fm November 19th at 7pm GMT. Both singles are ready to be requested at NewUsb.

Music is as always written by Maini Sorri, lyrics by Gary Cornman from USA.

Maini – Please Go Away is produced by Carsten Lehmann Germany and Jaakko Viitala Sweden. Instruments by Carsten Lehmann, Jaakko Viitala and Erik Nordström.

Maini Sorri – Rock Remix is produced by Jaakko Viitala. Instruments by Jaakko Viitala and Erik Nordström.

Vocals recorded by Janne Jutila.




I was interviewed by New Usb radio station in UK. It was very nice, I enjoyed every second. I was interviewed by Scott Travers. Gonzalo Arzamendi CEO at Arzuk Productions in California took good care of me during the music. It was really a great pleasure, lots of thanks to you all at New Usb! You can listen to the interview below.

Scott Travers wrote these kind words about the interview, thank you Scott!

“From the kitchen table, overlooking autumn leaves and glistening sunset comes a very friendly and inspiring talk with a Swedish Star who is lighting up the world with her varied styles and musical mystery.

Warm, Friendly and sincere in her replies and comments, Maini was a pleasure to chat to from the other side of the water…

her new album Dreamworld will be released on Monday 31st Oct 2011”

You can listen to New Usb here

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