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Maini - Let Me Do Your Time cdcoverMy single Let Me Do Your Time is now available on iTunes around the world.

You find it on iTunes in Great Britain here You can switch to iTunes in your country by clicking the little round flag at the bottom right of the page and then choose your country.

You find it on iTunes USA here ,  Swedenhere ,  and Spain here

in Germany here , in Italy here and in Finland here

It is also available on itunes in Canada, Australia, Denmark, France, Greece, Ireland, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal and Switzerland. Searchword Maini.

If you have problems with finding the track on iTunes or need advice about access to iTunes, please contact me on facebook here or email maini.sorri(at)

If you live in USA you can buy Let Me Do Your Time on here

Let Me Do Your Time is available on Spotify too, Spotify

You find the Let Me Do Your Time video here

Soon Let Me Do Your Time will be available on all web shops below.  Then you can check up the list, find your country and your favourite web shop.

Sweden          eMusic

Sweden          Nokia Music

United Kingdom                  eMusic

United Kingdom                  Napster UK

United Kingdom                  Ovi Music

United Kingdom        

United Kingdom                  Spotify

United Kingdom                  Tesco Digital

United Kingdom                  Tunetribe

United Kingdom                  We7

UAE               Nokia Music

USA               eMusic

USA               iMesh

USA               iTunes USA

USA               MOG All Access

USA               Napster

Spain             eMusic

Spain             iTunes Spain

Spain             Nokia Music

Spain             Spotify

Australia        iTunes Australia

Australia        Nokia Music

Austria           eMusic

Austria           iTunes Austria

Austria           Nokia Music

Belgium         eMusic

Belgium         iTunes Belgium

Brazil             Nokia Music

Bulgaria         eMusic

Canada           iMesh

Canada           iTunes Canada

Canada           Napster

Cyprus           eMusic

Czech Republic                    eMusic

Denmark        eMusic

Denmark        iTunes Denmark

Denmark        Nokia Music

Estonia          eMusic

Finland          eMusic

Finland          iTunes Finland

Finland          Nokia Music

Finland          Spotify

France            eMusic

France            iTunes France

France            Nokia Music

France            Spotify

Germany        eMusic

Germany        iTunes Germany

Germany        Napster

Germany        Nokia Music

Greece            eMusic

Greece            iTunes Greece

Hungary        eMusic

India              Nokia Music

Ireland           eMusic

Ireland           iTunes Ireland

Ireland           Nokia Music

Italy               eMusic

Italy               iTunes Italy

Italy               Nokia Music

Japan              iTunes Japan

Japan              Napster

Latvia             eMusic

Lithuania       eMusic

Luxembourg                         eMusic

Luxembourg                         iTunes Luxembourg

Malta             eMusic

Mexico          Nokia Music

Netherlands                          eMusic

Netherlands                          iTunes Netherlands

Netherlands                          Nokia Music

Netherlands   Spotify

New Zealand                        iTunes New Zealand

Norway          iTunes Norway

Norway          Nokia Music

Norway          Spotify

Poland           eMusic

Poland           Nokia Music

Portugal         eMusic

Portugal         iTunes Portugal

Portugal         Nokia Music

Romania        eMusic

Russia            Nokia Music

Singapore      Nokia Music

Slovakia        eMusic

Slovenia        eMusic

South Africa                         Nokia Music

Switzerland                          iTunes Switzerland

Switzerland                          Napster

Switzerland                          Nokia Music

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