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Maini Sorri and northern lightsMaini Sorri Someday (Official Music Video) with breath taking nature views was released on September 26th 2017, produced in Pakistan.

Someday endured 43 weeks on Music World Radio’s Top 20 Charts in Spain among rock groups from America and Europe. Someday EP was released  on March 1st 2010 in UK and on September 13th 2010 in USA. Label is Reya music. Vocals and music by Maini Sorri,  English lyrics by Barbara Helsingius, orig. lyrics by Mikko Anttila, instrumental by Jaakko Viitala.

Maini Sorri  – Christmas In Our Hearts (Official Music Video) with amazing snowy nature views was released on December 11th 2017, and produced by Trustudios, UK.

Christmas In Our Hearts was released on Spirit of December Vol. 7 album in Florida, USA on November 23rd 2017 by Music Revolution Records. Christmas Our Hearts EP was released in Sweden in December 2006 and in November 29th 2010 in UK.  Label is Reya music. Christmas In Our Hearts was Maini’s first CD in English. Vocals, original lyrics and music by Maini Sorri, English lyrics by Barbara Helsingius and instrumental by Jaakko Viitala.

Goldeneye news!


I saw yesterday that a Goldeneye that lives on a pond in the forest had 6 young ones. Today I saw 9 of them! They are so cute. They make cute little sounds and they are diving all the time so it is hard work to count them and to be really sure that they are 9 🙂

Now I hope that they’ll manage to be grown up birds as the Goldeneyes on the picture, there are so many dangers out there for those tiny ones. Some years the young ones just disappear. I will count them every day. Let’s hope that this will be a good year for Goldeneyes 🙂

Goldeneye Pair

I am back!


maplepathSummer is gone, it is now Autumn in Sweden. How my summer was ? Yes thanks, it was fine. I have worked very much with the Church Parliament election but now the election is over and I have finally more time for music and for my blog posts!

My trip to Finland was great, the weather was wonderful. For the third time, without planning it, I ended up in Tampere just that special night that is called the Night of Arts. I went to several concerts, it was a warm lovely night with Nordic light, so it was really wonderful. To sit in Tampere cathedral and listen to a beautiful soprano the last thing that night was great.

Proud Mum and babiesWhat happened to those young Golden eyes that I told about? The day after I wrote my blogpost about them there were only three of them left.  But those three made it through all dangers for young birds, and grew up and became more and more look a likes of their mother.

It is so funny that they really did recognise me. When I came to their little lake and called them they always came to me. They developped a kind of swimming style that made it possible for them to stay on the same spot without floating away so they could listen to everything I said without moving at all.  Their mother had left the lake for a long time ago and maybe I could be some kind of mother for them for a little while every day. When we had “talked enough” for that day they swam away and I continued my walk in the forest.

Wise Young OwlWhat about the owl? I was so certain about that the owl didn’t get any young birds last summer because I hadn’t seem them and I always find them if they are there. No one else had seen them either. That is why it was a big suprise for me that I met a guy in the forest yesterday that told me that he had seen the owl with 2 young birds high up in a tree  in June. It was nice to hear because it means that the pair of owls still like our City forrest and are certainly coming back even next year. I just can’t wait. I love those grey feather balls:)

Of course I am planning new music projects and I have already been recording in studio. I will very soon upload a new video here. I have written 8 new songs to lyrics by Gary Cornman from USA. Thank you Gary for great lyrics and for great team work!

Have a nice Autumn! And if the season is Spring in your country I wish you a nice Spring!

What to do a rainy day like this? Make phone calls, write emails to friends and fans, write comments in guest books, take a walk in the rain. I will also rehearse one of my new songs.

Yesterday I took a long walk in the forrest in rain, it was amazing. It was a cold day but teh wind was not so cold in the shelter of trees and the rain didn’t bother so much there either. It was magic. It was lighter than it seemed to be when I looked out through the window.

Proud Mum and babiesThere is a small lake for birds in the forrest and for the first time  this year I saw a mother Goldeneye with 4 sweet young birds, diving all the time, disappearing, then appearing again and swimming around, almost never after their mother but not far away from her.

I also use to follow Tawny Owls, year after year. This Summer I have so far seen only one of them. I find him/her by following the Blackbirds yelling when they try to scare away the Owl from the area. And there the Owl sits, always on a pine tree, trying to look invisible for Blackbirds that are very hostile, wanting to protect there young birds from the Owl.

From now on we all who visit the lake, are counting the young birds every day, telling each other how many we have seen. The Owl is a threat for those small ones, but there are other big birds too and maybe other animals that are  a danger for them.

Now I have not time to write any more, I am going to rehearse.

Have a great day.

You can see I Am Leaving video, produced by Kerstin Svanberg on YouTube, too.  You can see the video here Don’t forget to rank the video and please write a comment.

Have a beautiful day!

A new video


You are very welcome to check up my video Lähden yksin  (I Am Leaving). It is produced for TV6 in USA and has been aired on TV6 twice. It took 5 months to produce the video because there is both winter and summer on it. For English lyrics,  see topdown. I think you will like the Swedish nature. The views are from nere my hometown. 2007 was a rainy summer. Look at those dark coulds towards the end of the video! It was not easy to find a suitable day for filming, it was always raining some part of the day.

Lähden yksin  (I Am Leaving)

Music: Maini Sorri

Orig. lyrics: Marjo-Riitta Oksanen

English lyrics: Barbara Helsingius

DVD by SoL Productions,  Sweden

Music arranged by Jaakko Viitala

Music recorded by, all instruments, mixed and mastered by Jaakko Viitala, Krumhults kultur, Hjularöd, Sweden


Snow on the ground,

snow all around,

where we buried the past

and the feelings we found.

Storms in the night,

prayers for light,

wishes for wonders

to make wrong turn right.


I may long for your touch once tender,

but don’t think I’ll ever surrender.

I must try the taste of living

among those warm and forgiving.

I must change the ice for fire,

see the sun and feel desire.

Now I’m leaving, 

Yes am leaving,

Oh I’m leaving,

I am leaving.

 Doubt in the air,

mem’ries we share,

truth or illusion?

I really don’t care.

This is my way

right or astray,

I’ll manage I’ll make it

or else I must pay.


I may long for your touch once tender…