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Winter heart


Winter is back 5I love winter. It is not so common, I think, it is more common to like summer or spring. I have always loved winter.  When I was a child, I lived in Finland and we had always real winters with cold degrees and a lot of snow there I lived. I loved to go skiing.

During many years I didn’t goskiing. In my home town in Sweden, where I have lived the most part of my life, the winters haven’t usually lasted that long. And when the snow came, during many years I didn’t know where my skiing equipment was. I envied every winter others that went skiing.

When I think about it now, it seems so stupid that I didn’t go skiing for many years!

Lots of snow fell a week before Chrismas. A new year came with new year’s resolutions and new possiblities.  I decided to look for my skiis in our store. And there, behind everything else, I found my skiis! I also found my ski sticks and my skiing boots. My skiing jacket and my skiing mittens were gone, my skiing cap, too:) Isn’t it strange that things just disappear, they are not stolen but they are just gone!:)

I had bought a new jacket last autumn. When my old skiing jacket was gone I spent one day sawing to improve my new one making it more suitable for skiing. I bought new skiing mittens. After 2 days I finally had my skiing equipment available and ready.

It was such an experience to go skiing again.  The first day we had at least 15 degrees below zero Celsius. To feel the cold wind on my cheeks, I really love it. I also noticed that my condition really needed to improve:)  I now go skiing every day. I love that I don’t need to envy others on the ski track any more, I am one of them, it makes me very happy! I hope that this winter that has been colder and longer that for decades in the whle country, will last as long as possible. The colder the better:) I know some of you don’t agree:) But I love winter.

It is so beautiful in forest where I ski. It is amazing to see all snowy trees. All nature looks wonderful covered with snow.

On facebook people send hearts to each other, silver hearts, golden hearts, bubbling hearts, summer hearts, treasured hearts, snowy hearts, thank you all for sending me many beautiful hearts. What about my heart? I must have a winter heart!

Winter days


Maini SorriIt was a lovely winter day in Sweden today. I took a long walk and it was so beautiful with all snow and the sun and snow crystals shining. It has been very cold in Sweden. Last Wednesday night Naimaka in the north of Sweden had 38.5 below zero Celsius ! It is really cold. We had 13 below zero Celsius in my hometown today.

I studied in the north of Sweden for a year and I really wanted to experience the cold weather. Unfortunately the coldest days that year occured when I had Christmas holidays. When I came back to my room was cold, the water was frozen in the radiators, but I myself never got the chance to experience those really cold days.

Why I love winter? I don’t know, I think there are winter people and summer people. Maybe it is because I grew up with real winters with much snow. It was a great joy to ski and the white snow is so beautiful and lightens up the darkness. I think it is quite practical to love winter when you live up north:)

Photo: Mikael Tidemar