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Rock on Neon Radios Top 1000 songs of all time omslag kvMaini has 2 songs in the book Rock on Neon Radio’s Top 1000 Songs Of All Time. The radio station has about 50,000 songs to choose from placing Maini’s song in the top 2% of the music available to be played on the station which plays music from established artists and independent artists. The songs in the book are Please Go Away from her album When Two Worlds Meet with the American rapper Magneto Dayo, and the pop ballade Someday from her latest album Someday Vol. 3. Her songs are in the book along with songs by The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Simon & Garfunkel etc.

Read the pressrelease about the book here.

Read the pressrelease about Please Go Away in the book here.

Purchase the book here

Maini Sorri and northern lightsMaini Sorri Someday (Official Music Video) with breath taking nature views was released on September 26th 2017, produced in Pakistan.

Someday endured 43 weeks on Music World Radio’s Top 20 Charts in Spain among rock groups from America and Europe. Someday EP was released  on March 1st 2010 in UK and on September 13th 2010 in USA. Label is Reya music. Vocals and music by Maini Sorri,  English lyrics by Barbara Helsingius, orig. lyrics by Mikko Anttila, instrumental by Jaakko Viitala.

Maini Sorri  – Christmas In Our Hearts (Official Music Video) with amazing snowy nature views was released on December 11th 2017, and produced by Trustudios, UK.

Christmas In Our Hearts was released on Spirit of December Vol. 7 album in Florida, USA on November 23rd 2017 by Music Revolution Records. Christmas Our Hearts EP was released in Sweden in December 2006 and in November 29th 2010 in UK.  Label is Reya music. Christmas In Our Hearts was Maini’s first CD in English. Vocals, original lyrics and music by Maini Sorri, English lyrics by Barbara Helsingius and instrumental by Jaakko Viitala.

“Maini Sorri has to be Sweden’s best kept secret as far as British audiences are concerned. The woman from Uppsala’s profile is really only known to the minority dedicated lovers of Scandinavian music in the U.K. and that is a shame as her album Someday: Volume Two is a sweet, intelligent and enjoyable piece of work.

Ms. Sorri’s vocals glide through the songs with a sense of finely tuned beauty and whilst it is difficult enough to change the written lyrics of one language to another, to change a style could be deemed as an even harder challenge but Maini Sorri provides a great awareness in her voice of what can grab the listener carefully by the hand and touch their heart with finely tuned sentiment.

Like the current fascination for Scandinavian Noir which has crossed from one side of the North Sea to the other with an almost pulsating appreciation, Maini has tapped into a vibe with her songs of innocence and a devastating anguish with Only A Memory, the delightful Oh Echo, the wonderful child-like despair of I Shouldn’t Have Trusted You and the exquisite Lahden Yksin (A Finnish version of the song I Am Leaving) which also gets a superb airing on the album.

The album certainly deserves attention and so does Maini Sorri, it certainly cannot be easy for any singer or band from that part of the world as they constantly have the image of Sweden’s most famous musical export constantly bandied around them. The world has moved on since the heady days of Abba-mania but in some ways the music of that nation never seems to get a look in without someone always asking if they will be as successful.

No matter what Ms. Sorri does next, this album will be a crowning glory of Scandinavian music”.

Ian D. Hall

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

Maini Sorri, Someday: Volume Two. Album Review

December 18, 2012

You can read the review at Liverpool Sound and Vision here

Dreamworld Cd artworkI am very happy for radio plays of 3 of my songs, Only A Memory, Someday and Dreamworld on AiiRadio last Sunday.

The show is a weekly show called Sunday Chill by DJ Revolution from Florida.

I am so glad my music is appreciated. It really made my day.

Someday cdcoverMy single Someday got a great review by J. Whitaker 272 Records A&R Representative – Los Angeles, California, in July 2011.

“Maini Sorri delivers an eloquent ballad that is so professionally played and executed, it’s inspiring.

As “Someday” begins its passage out of the speakers, the pianos and opening samples are hauntingly beautiful and instantly catch your attention. I can easily tell that there was a lot of time and energy composing this song.

Everything melds together cohesively as each layer of the song is unveiled one verse and chorus at a time. The songwriting is highly accomplished, as well is the execution of the melody lines. There are some really alluring harmonies and background vocals reminiscent to the stylings of Sarah McLachlan, which certainly works great in creating an authentic layer of warmth for a song in this genre of music.

The musicianship is as efficient as it gets and the band, as a whole, is fantastic. I especially love the lead guitar playing as well as the string arrangement.

Above all, I believe Maini has a lot of talent on display here. She carries her song wholeheartedly and brings the listener on her journey to where we all may wind up. Here’s to hoping that Maini’s travels “Someday” take her to wherever it is she wants to go”.

You can also read the review on 272 Records website here

Someday cdcoverThis singer-songwriter with a Finnish background has lived most of her life in Sweden where she has built up a sizeable following for her enchanting music and beautiful voice. This release marks her British debut, though she has already made an impact in America and Canada, and could well build a following in the UK. She has created memorable melodies and her lyrics, have been successfully transcribed from Finnish into English. There is an inspiring spirit in such songs as Someday and Like An Angel, and you can feel the pure emotion in the closing Lahden Yksin. A delightful five-song set that really whetted my apetite for more.

Maini Sorri SOMEDAY EP Reya Music **** 4/5  review in great Maverick Magazine in UK in January 2011 issue

Someday cdcoverReview of Someday in The Rocker UK, December 23 2010:

“Ms Sorri sings mainly in English, although the lyrics are translations of her original Swedish lyrics, and comes across a bit like a Corr meeting Enya. Which sounds better than it writes. The lead track, in particular, is a fine piece of soft rock that could easily pick up play on BBC Radio 2. As could ‘I Am Leaving’, which has an excellent melody and some good harmonies”.

Review of Someday in Fatea Magazin UK, October 2010:

“The standard for Scandinavian pop was set so high in the 70s that it’s never really been bettered, Swedish based Finn, Maini Sorri is the latest to give it a go with five track ep/mini album “Somebody”. In fairness it’s a reasonable release, classic pop sensibilities, made slightly more exotic by Maini’s accent and the way she attacks certain words and phrases, it makes you give it a second take, but ultimately there is a feel of radio fodder about most of the album, until she gets to the reprise of “I’m Leaving”, “Lahden Yksin” sung in her own language feels on the mark”.

Someday cdcover

This is a Swedish newspaper article translated by google translater:

Great, Maini!
Maini Sorri  takes her “Someday” to the top.
Maini Sorri from Uppsala – basically piano and voice teacher with a background in Tierp – has advanced to the second spot on the British music world Radio Top 20 Charts.
The list was a spine-chillers for Maini this time. Two of the artists on the Top 10 had been pushed out. Number two and number one remained to be present. Be Maini among them? Luckily, she kept her place at the top also climbed up one position. World music radio’s head was a presenter for the list and said Maini was a strong runner and could have won if not it shocking happened to an American band went straight from the bubble into first place on the list. It had only happened once so far in the history list. Maini has until now been seven weeks in the top five in the top.
Reviews in the British press has been very positive, here is a quote:
“Sorri’s inner beauty shines through  …. this Scandinavian singer-songwriter sure delivers sophisticated pop. Nobody can question her finely honed song craft “.
(All Gigs, Elly Roberts)

This article Toppen, Maini was published in Gefle Dagblad Nöje 27th of October 2010. I just found it on internet.

Someday cdcoverMAINI SORRISOMEDAY EP: Scandinavian singer-songwriter Maini Sorri sings English translations of Finnish originals. As she seeks to become more widely known in the UK, Sorri releases her Someday and hasn’t anything to be apologetic for (pardon the play on words!). Combining pop and folk elements with a vaguely Corrs meets Carpenters meets Abba sensibility, Sorri’s material is classic sounding and European embracing. There’s a keen sense of melody, a lovely voice to deliver the romantic lyrics (whether hopeful or downbeat) and an appreciation for classic song-writing values. Admittedly, there’s a Radio 2 vibe attached to it, but with Celtic influences hinted at on a track like I Am Leaving and a Corrs/Cranberries style of delivery to enhance the vocals on the title track, this is a pleasant enough listen that passes the time amiably.
Rating: 3 out of 5

Someday cdcover“SOMEDAY”,  by MAINI SORRI, on Reya Music, Review in County Times

Released next Monday, this EP has five songs by Scandinavian singer songwriter and composer Maini Sorri, who has been making a name for herself right across Europe and beyond.

With a Finnish background, Sorri has lived for most of her life in Sweden, but has also worked with an American songwriter and an Italian artist on various projects. These have  included the Sorriso band, which released an EP last January.

The new EP opens with a springy “Someday”, which is also to be released individually as a single. It’s followed by the more interesting “I Am Leaving”, and the sweet Euro sound of “I Shouldn’t Have Trusted You” with some amuzing phrases and rhymes. “Like An Angel” sounds a little rushed but is still fine before the final song in Finnish “Lahden yksin” and your guess as to what  it’s about is as good as mine. Still the band works hard and the set is well produced to introduce Sorri for British music fans.

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