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Maini Sorri – Silent Night CD artwork

Maini Sorri‘s rocking single Silent Night is re-released on December 21st 2022. Music and lyrics by Franz Gruber. The rocking instrumental by Patrik Ragnefors. You can watch the Christmassy Silent Night video by W.A. Henderson, Hollywood CA, starring Michelle Perez from Los Angeles on Youtube.

Maini Sorri – Tomorrow CD artwork

Here is the story behind the new happy pop single Maini Sorri – Tomorrow  A local newspaper in Maini’s old home town in Finland interviewed her for 15 years ago. Many years later the interviewer Marjo Pajuranta surprised Maini by sending a poem to her and asking her to compose it. Because the poem was in Finnish, Maini wrote English lyrics to it with the title “Tomorrow”. The Finnish original version “Kauneimmat muistot” (Beautiful Memories) is included as #2 on the single).

Maini could not record in the studio for 1,5 years because of the covid19 pandemic. It is fantastic that she finally could record new music studio and release the new single “Tomorrow” on November 11th 2021. Label is Reya music, Sweden. Instrumental by Jaakko Viitala.

Watch the beautiful Tomorrow (Official Music Video) on Youtube. Why not to get married outdoors although it is Winter and lots of snow? You will see a beautiful Winter Wedding outdoors with lots of snow, love and happiness! Subscribe to Maini’s channel!

You can stream the new single on Spotify and other streaming sites around the world. Stream and download it on Bandcamp. You find it around the world in webshops like iTunes and Amazon etc. is the site about any news from the world of relaxing music including new albums, personal news, interviews, reviews. publish links for introductive listening and buying of albums. has written about Don’t Be Afraid video featuring artists from around the world. Don’t Be Afraid is against all kind of discrimination. You can read the article and watch the Don’t Be Afraid video here

The artists are in alphabetic order Akif Haseeb – India, Diane Marie – USA, Doron Orsiano- Israel, Glenn Jackson – UK, Gonzo – Mexico, Hendrik Grubber – Germany, Ivy Shadowplay – Australia, Jigg Jangs – USA, Lex Scudo – Germany, Maini Sorri – Sweden, Menahem Avnaim – Israel, Michael Hansson – Sweden and Steffi K – Germany. Don’t Be Afraid is produced by Gonzalo Arzamendi at Arzuk Productions in California and East2west Studio in Idaho. has also written an article about Mainis dance single Shiny Eyes, released by Reya music 2012. You can read the article and watch the Shiny Eyes video by Johan Zetterlund here


Maini Sorri’s song Dreamworld is playlisted on Fresh Unsigned Show 24. Fresh Unsigned Show 24 will run until January 2013. You can hear many great artists from around the world on Fresh Unsigned. Listen to this great radio show.  Just follow the link, click on Audio Player and then click on play button.You can listen here

You can also listen to Fresh Unsigned Show 24 on soundcloud


Music to Dreamworld is written by Maini Sorri and lyrics are written by Gary Cornman from USA.


Maini pic1The international Global Voice Singing Competition has started on a live broadcasted radio show. Uppsala resident Maini Sorri is one of the competitors.

The participants got in alphabetical order their songs played for four mentors from the U.S., Canada, England and Sweden. After the respective song was played it was up to the mentors to decide whether they wanted to work with the artist. Maini competed with his own song Dreamworld. When the song faded out was it was great excitement.

Should any of the mentors choose Maini? The relief was great when both the Canadian mentor Kelly Sapergia and Jörgen Hansson from Sweden wanted to coach Maini further in the competition.

If more than one mentor wanted to work with the artist, the contestants got to choose a mentor. The choice was not easy, but Mainis choice fell on the Swedish mentor Jörgen Hansson. After the radio show the contestants and the mentors got together via skype, getting to know each other. The English mentor Chrissie Cochrane praised the high standard of the competitors.

Maini and her mentor have now 3 months in which to cooperate and create the best possible contest entry to Global Voice Singing Competition finals in December.

“- It is impossible to predict anything about the outcome,” says Maini. “- There are many good voices in the competition and there are many different genres, from pop to opera. First, it is important to choose the right song. But I’m sure that me and my coach will do our best to get a great contest entry to the final. Then it’s up to the independent international jury that will in December decide who will be the Global Voice “.

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Maini profile pic 2198The newly written song Don’t Be Afraid against all forms of discrimination which features Maini Sorri and 13 other artists from Europe, Israel, India, USA and Australia is now published by Gonzalo Arzamendi and Arzuk Productions in California.

Music is written by Gonzalo Arzamendi and lyrics by Gary Cornman.

Listen to Don’t Be Afraid here.

The Don’t Be Afraid video will be released September 4.