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Maini Sorri released a new dance album Shiny Eyes Vol. 2 on May 16th 2023. It consists of her previously released dance and techno singles.

The title track Shiny Eyes is a happy, uplifting and upbeat love song.  In May 2012, Shiny Eyes was the 4th most added track on the CMJ Chart of all releases throughout the US. Hold Me is an energetic dance track, originally released in 2013. Hold Me music video was aired on more than 100 TV stations around the world.

Maini’s techno single Let Me Do Your Time spent 9 weeks on the most sold track’s list Digilistan of Swedish Radio P3 in 2011. Just A Dream (Radio Edit) is inspired by 70s disco. It is a reflective, dreamy dance track about lost love. The music video was a featured video at in Los Angeles in January 2014.

Music by Maini Sorri, lyrics by Gary Cornman, USA. Instrumentals by Carsten Lehmann, Germany, Maria Jhoanna F. Roberto, USA, Mats Olsson, Sweden. Instrumentals of almost all the songs are included. Available on all platforms. Here are links to Spotify, Apple Music and Bandcamp.

Maini Sorri - Let Me Do Your TimeMaini Sorri, once a high school student in Vammala, is successful on the Spanish chart.

At high school age Maini Sorri lived in her mother’s home town in Vammala. Her music is successfull on the Spanish Top20 chart.

The international radio station Music World Radio compiles the chart where listeners vote for their favorite track weekly. Maini Sorris techno hit Let Me Do Your Time has remained on the chart for over a year. It was at fifth spot  after 52 weeks on chart.

Maini Sorri will soon release a new single in the United States. Also a music video will be made of Sorris dance single Hold Me.

Maini Sorri was born in Ulvila, from where the family moved to Lempäälä. “When my father died, we moved to my mother’s home town Vammala where I started my first year at high school. I moved to Sweden at the age of 17, and finished the high school there,” said Maini Sorri, in the summer of 2006 in Alueviestis interview.

Maini Sorri has composed songs from 8 years age. Not only a singer and songwriter, Maini Sorri also has a music teacher education.

Written by Samuli Kinnari April 13th 2013, Alueviesti, Finland

Translated into English by Google with a little help by Maini

Read the original newspaper article here

There is a disco at a school today, Bockstensskolan in Sweden. The pupils have chosen to play Maini’s dance singles as disco music. It is a great joy for Maini to know that youths are dancing to her music tonight. Thank you Sebastian for these great news 🙂

Maini Shiny Eyes cd Artwork smallerWow, Shiny Eyes is doing really great in USA. Shiny Eyes video is a big success, it is in rotation every 7th hour at  radio/TV station in Los Angeles Top40, Hip hop & Rnb 98.2 The Beat!

3 times a day in Los Angeles, that is the biggest city in California and second biggest in USA. Thank you DJ King Assassin! He told me that he loves my sound. I’m happy 🙂

That is not enough, my single from 2011 Let Me Do Your Time video is put back in rotation at 98.2 the Beat and is rotating with Shiny Eyes 🙂 Thank you for that too DJ King Assassin! It is so cool to see both videos there!

You can see these must see videos on Youtube:

Shiny Eyes by Johan Zetterlund here

Let Me Do Your Time by nothingilistic here

Maini - Let Me Do Your Time cdcoverMy dance techno track Let Me Do Your Time is doing great on Music Worldradio Top 20 chart. March 30th 2012 it became #2 on the chart. MWR Top 20 chart is based on listener’s votes. When a track falls off the list, it will never come back again, and it is allowed to have only one song per artist at the same time.

Every week people can vote from Friday midnight to Thursday midnight. It is very easy to vote, you can cast you vote here

On Friday night it is exciting to hear which place my track and all the other tracks have. You can listen here Friday night at 10 pm CET. Choose your favourite player and say hello in shoutbox.

For some time ago I got an award. It was an honour to be nominated and to win the cathegory made me very happy:

Music World Radio’s Magickal Alternative Brit Awards 2012

Best International Breakthrough Act:

Maini Sorri

Maini - Let Me Do Your Time cdcoverI was chosen as the Arzuk Artist of the week by Arzuk Productions, California, in April 2011. The featured song was my techno track Let Me Do Your Time. You can see the video on CNN

You can see Let Me Do Your Time video on Youtube here

Here you can read the great review of Let Me Do Your Time by Gonzalo Arzamendi, the CEO of Arzuk Productions.

“This is a well composed melody with a great dance beat, clear and well tune vocals with great harmonies, excellent base. This song poses a strong structure with a well defined line, excellent rhythm easy to follow, a real and excited experience for the listener. Let Me Do Your time grabs you attention from the beginning to the end with the well performed mix, this is a song in my opinion that you must to add to your collection”.

I send many thanks to Gonzalo Arzamendi for a great review and for giving both me and my band Sorriso this great opportunity!

In July it was Season finale of Arzuk Artist Contest. We were 10 bands from USA, Canada, Japan and only 2 bands from Europe. These 2 European bands were my Italian/Swedish band Sorriso with Special Friend and I as a solo artist with Let Me Do Your Time.

It became a very exciting and tie contest. Fans could vote for their favourite artist by phone, poll and email once a day during one week. It was a very tie contest till the end.

Sorriso Special Friend ArtworkI became number 2 with Let Me Do Your Time only 48 votes after number 1! Sorriso became #3 with Special Friend.

I want to thank once again all my fans for voting!  Big thanks to Gonzalo Arzamendi for giving me and my band this opportunity and for all great support! Big thanks also to our promoter Jason Boner from Liverpool that did a great job gathering votes!

Maini - Let Me Do Your Time cdcoverMy techno single Let Me Do Your Time became a great success. Let Me Do Your Time was during 9 weeks on the list of most sold tracks Digilistan of  Swedish Radio SR P3, among the most famous artists in the world.  As best it was number 16, check it up here.

Radio stations in 16 states in USA have playlisted Let Me Do Your Time, it is also played by many radio stations in UK and Spain. It is on radio’s playlist for eg in Los Angeles, California  rotating once a day at 98.2 The Beat Top 40 station.

Over 40000 people have seen the great Let Me Do Your Time video with water skiing and acrobatics by nothingilistic, Canada. Watch it on YouTube here

I send lots of greetings to all DJs that play Let Me Do Your Time and to all listeners and fans that love Let Me Do Your Time and send me such great messages 🙂

There is a new disco star in town. Maini Sorri’s Let Me Do Your Time climbed high on Digilistan, the list of Sweden’s most downloaded songs.
– It feels great fun, I get little joy shocks now and then, says Maini Sorri.

Maini Sorri has always had music with her in her life. In her childhood home, the Finnish parsonage, they sang lots of spiritual songs. She began to play piano and guitar, at first she played by ear and tried to teach herself. Later Maini Sorri’s mom sent her to take piano and singing lessons. Her first piano piece she wrote as an 8-year-old, and after encouragement, she wrote her first song, 20 year old.

– I have a passion for music, says Maini Sorri.

To Sweden she came from a village near Tampere in Finland when she was seventeen. A teenage love had got her interested in Sweden and she moved to Uppsala with his older sister who would start studying here in town.

– Of course mom probably thought it was a bit tough. At the same time she knew how stubborn I was and that she could not stop me, says Maini Sorri.

In Uppsala, she took music teacher certificate and later worked at various schools around the Upland including the music school in Tierp. She liked being  a music teacher, but in recent years it has been her own music that applied to her.

The music she writes she describes as pop ballades – songs with touching lyrics. She often writes both music and lyrics herself, but lately she has also written music fto other lyricswriters´poems. Maini Sorri describes that she has a small lyrics-hiding-place that she occasionally visit to pick out the best lyrics.

– When I select the lyrics which I compose music for, it is important that they convey a feeling and have something melancholy included. I could never write music to lyrics about a car for example, she says, smiling.

The creation of music seem effortless, when Maini Sorri tells about it. She describes it as the music gets to her, the inspiration is flowing, when she sits down at her piano.

A year ago, an American Music company contacted  her and wanted to promote her songs in the U.S. Through them, she released first her EP Someday in the U.S., and then Let me do your time. The song, which is about a person who wants to take an innocent’s place in prison, is quite different from her other songs. Instead of a sensitive ballad, it is a dance tune with heavy beats.

– My singing coach thought it would fit like a dance tune, says Maini Sorri.

It turned out to be a success. Suddenly Let me do your time was played on many radio stations in the U.S. and Europe, and the song found its way even into the Swedish Digilistan – list of most downloaded songs in Sweden. As highest it was in sixteenth place of the list’s 60 songs. Maini is pleased because she is now played around the world.

– There are so many artists who never get to experience this and I think I wouldn’t have come here if I haven’t worked so hard for so many years, she says.

For Maini Sorri waits exciting new projects. Recently her band that she has together with an Italian singer released new material. The band is called Sorriso, which means smile in Italian. This fall she will release new songs under her own name, it will be both pop ballades and songs with fast beat.

– I’m really excited, I get  little joy shocks now and then, says Maini Sorri.

Translated by Google translater with help from Maini.

Original article published by Uppsalatidningen 13th May 2011 by Anna-Karin Ellenius.

Maini Discodrottning löpsedel 110329Newspaper placard: She is the New Disco Queen of the City

Maini wants to hit big
Uppsala’s New Pop Queen

Forget E-type, Basic Element and Pandora. Sweden’s latest Eurodisco hope Maini Sorri is from Uppsala. With the new song “Let me do your time” she had last week one of the most downloaded songs.

Maini Sorri stands out in several ways. With a history as a music teacher and with three albums and one EP in the trunk, she is no newcomer in the industry. A woman who previously recorded Finnish ballads and poems set to music, she is an odd bird among the artists on Digilistan in P3. Here she has bounced in and out in recent weeks with her latest song in the euro disco-style “Let me do your time”.
– “I have written it as a ballad, as all my songs. It was my songcoach’  idea, she thought it could fit as a bit more techno”, says Maini Sorri.
At best, the song has been Sweden’s 26th most downloaded song in the company of hot artists like Petter and September, and Tove Styrke.
– “It’s amazing. P3 has never played my music before. Everything is just so wow”, she says and giggles.
The move from pop to this genre may seem a long way. But Maini Sorri is curious and like to try new things.
– “I have an acquaintance who is a rap artist, I’ve had a thought about a collaboration in the past but never dared to ask, but perhaps now. ” She tells that the next dance hit is on it’s way, but not finished.

Caption: On the upswing. Uppsala resident Maini Sorri is Sweden’s new pop hope. She has now taken the step from pop to more swinging euro disco music.
Caption: Swinging. With her new euro disco hit, Let me do your time, Maini Sorri have been played on many radio stations around the world such as Spain, England and USA.

Background: Music teacher in Tierp and Enköping, artist.
Discography: Two albums in Finnish and Swedish (1998, 2006), a Christmas CD (2006) and one ep (2010) where she sings in English. And a duoprojekt – Sorriso – where she collaborates with an Italian artist (2010).
Current: with her single Let me do your time.

Translated from Swedish by Google (with a little help from Maini)

By Johanna Engman

Published in 18minuter 29th March 2011

Maini - Let Me Do Your Time cdcoverMy single Let Me Do Your Time that will be released on 28th February is already on Swedish Radio P3’s list Digilistan as #28, you can check it up here The list consists of the most sold tracks i Sweden between 14th and 20th February.

The video Let Me Do Your Time has already more than 31 000 views and lots of lovely comments on Youtube

Music by Maini Sorri, lyrics by Gary Cornman, USA and the DVD made in Canada by the Canadian artist nothingilistic.

Here you have the lyrics:


1. Let me show how much I really care

Don’t surrender don’t you dare.

You have that worried look

as your body shook.

Just look at me

and let me set you free.


Let me do your time

for your alleged crime.

Let me be adviser

no one will be the wiser.

I will take your plea

if you will let me,

shouldn’t hit a glitch

in this bait and switch.

2. Let me show how much I really care

Don’t surrender don’t you dare.

I’ll never let you down,

they will make you frown

but look at me

and let me set you free.


Let me do your time

for your alleged crime.

Let me be adviser

no one will be the wiser.

I will take your plea

if you will let me,

shouldn’t hit a glitch

in this bait and switch.

Take your time and tell me every detail,

why these people want to put you in jail.

Although you are innocent they haunt you

Is there any justice left for us two?


Let me do your time

for your alleged crime.

Let me be adviser

no one will be the wiser.

I will take your plea

if you will let me,

shouldn’t hit a glitch

in this bait and switch.

Let me set you free.

Music: Maini Sorri

Lyrics: Cary Cornman

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