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Maini Sorri with roots in Vammala makes music internationally

At High school age Maini Sorri lived in her mother’s home town in Vammala. Her music is successfull on the Spanish Top20 chart.

The international radio station Music World Radio compiles the chart there listeners can vote for their favorite track weekly. Maini Sorris techno hit Let Me Do Your Time has remained on the chart for over a year. It was on fifth spot  after 52 weeks on chart.

Maini Sorri will soon release a new single in the United States. Also a music video will be made for Sorris dance single Hold Me.

Maini Sorri was born in Ulvila, from where the family moved to Lempäälä. “When my father died, we moved to my mother’s home town Vammala where I went to the first class at high school. I moved to Sweden at the age of 17, and finished the high school there,” said Maini Sorri, in the summer of 2006 in Alueviestis interview.
Maini Sorri has composed songs from 8 years age. Not only a singer and songwriter, Maini Sorri also has a music teacher education.

Written by Samuli Kinnari April 13th 2013, Kokemäenjokilaakson Uutiset, Finland

Translated into English by Google with a little help by Maini Sorri.

Read the original newspaper article in Finnish here at Kokemäenjokilaakson Uutiset

Someday cdcover

This is a Swedish newspaper article translated by google translater:

Great, Maini!
Maini Sorri  takes her “Someday” to the top.
Maini Sorri from Uppsala – basically piano and voice teacher with a background in Tierp – has advanced to the second spot on the British music world Radio Top 20 Charts.
The list was a spine-chillers for Maini this time. Two of the artists on the Top 10 had been pushed out. Number two and number one remained to be present. Be Maini among them? Luckily, she kept her place at the top also climbed up one position. World music radio’s head was a presenter for the list and said Maini was a strong runner and could have won if not it shocking happened to an American band went straight from the bubble into first place on the list. It had only happened once so far in the history list. Maini has until now been seven weeks in the top five in the top.
Reviews in the British press has been very positive, here is a quote:
“Sorri’s inner beauty shines through  …. this Scandinavian singer-songwriter sure delivers sophisticated pop. Nobody can question her finely honed song craft “.
(All Gigs, Elly Roberts)

This article Toppen, Maini was published in Gefle Dagblad Nöje 27th of October 2010. I just found it on internet.