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Someday cdcoverMAINI SORRISOMEDAY EP: Scandinavian singer-songwriter Maini Sorri sings English translations of Finnish originals. As she seeks to become more widely known in the UK, Sorri releases her Someday and hasn’t anything to be apologetic for (pardon the play on words!). Combining pop and folk elements with a vaguely Corrs meets Carpenters meets Abba sensibility, Sorri’s material is classic sounding and European embracing. There’s a keen sense of melody, a lovely voice to deliver the romantic lyrics (whether hopeful or downbeat) and an appreciation for classic song-writing values. Admittedly, there’s a Radio 2 vibe attached to it, but with Celtic influences hinted at on a track like I Am Leaving and a Corrs/Cranberries style of delivery to enhance the vocals on the title track, this is a pleasant enough listen that passes the time amiably.
Rating: 3 out of 5

Someday cdcoverMy EP Someday was released in UK yesterday Monday September 13. Today I got the first review from London. I can’t believe this, I couldn’t dream about such a great review!  See it with your own eyes here at IndieLondon Scroll to eighth review. Isn’t it amazing? I feel very happy! This really made my day!