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Dreamworld Cd artworkI am very happy for radio plays of 3 of my songs, Only A Memory, Someday and Dreamworld on AiiRadio last Sunday.

The show is a weekly show called Sunday Chill by DJ Revolution from Florida.

I am so glad my music is appreciated. It really made my day.

Dreamworld Cd artworkI didn’t know anyone from Belarus until a very nice radio producer Antony from Net Radio Relax from Belarus contacted me. Antony found my new cd Dreamworld on ZMR site where my EP was introduced among new releases. I was lucky, for the first time in my life my music is now playlisted on radio in Belarus.

It is my song Like A Golden Eagle that is play listed. It is often aired 3 times daily, i.e. on November 14th it was #5, #175 and #239 on the list of all played songs during 24 hours. November 12th Like A Golden Eagle was #3, 137 and #298. It was also aired 3 times November 11th and November 7th.

I am very happy for this great support from Net Radio Relax and send my best regards and blessings to Antony and Vladimir and all the staff on Net Radio Relax! Thank you for giving me this great opportunity to get my music played in a far away country Belarus!

I also send my congratulations to Barbara Helsingius, the writer of the English lyrics of Like A Golden Eagle, and Ritva Östlin the writer of original lyrics, and to Jaakko Viitala that arranged the song and plays all instruments.

You can listen to Net Radio Relax in Belarus here