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Maini pic 7Maini Sorri is being recognized around the world.

Sorri rocks in England.

Maini Sorri is known from Sisuradio Musalista CDs. She shared second place in an international contest, the Global Voice Singing Competition Final. Maini’s contribution “Moira” is her own composition.

– I must say that things have gone great in the recent years. I’m delighted and encouraged by positive feedback, says Maini Sorri.
She says that she has fans around the world today. – It is nice to be involved in various contests and receive recognition.

Maini Sorri biggest hit is called Let me do your time.
Sorri’s mentor in Global Voice competition, is the Swedish musician and producer Jorgen Hansson that has received many awards.

Maini was interviewed by Johanna Dickson.

Published: Sunday, January 6 at 07:30, Sisu news

Translated by Maini and Google translater.

See the original article and listen to the interview in Finnish here

I was interviewed by New Usb radio station in UK. It was very nice, I enjoyed every second. I was interviewed by Scott Travers. Gonzalo Arzamendi CEO at Arzuk Productions in California took good care of me during the music. It was really a great pleasure, lots of thanks to you all at New Usb! You can listen to the interview below.

Scott Travers wrote these kind words about the interview, thank you Scott!

“From the kitchen table, overlooking autumn leaves and glistening sunset comes a very friendly and inspiring talk with a Swedish Star who is lighting up the world with her varied styles and musical mystery.

Warm, Friendly and sincere in her replies and comments, Maini was a pleasure to chat to from the other side of the water…

her new album Dreamworld will be released on Monday 31st Oct 2011”

You can listen to New Usb here