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What to do a rainy day like this? Make phone calls, write emails to friends and fans, write comments in guest books, take a walk in the rain. I will also rehearse one of my new songs.

Yesterday I took a long walk in the forrest in rain, it was amazing. It was a cold day but teh wind was not so cold in the shelter of trees and the rain didn’t bother so much there either. It was magic. It was lighter than it seemed to be when I looked out through the window.

Proud Mum and babiesThere is a small lake for birds in the forrest and for the first time  this year I saw a mother Goldeneye with 4 sweet young birds, diving all the time, disappearing, then appearing again and swimming around, almost never after their mother but not far away from her.

I also use to follow Tawny Owls, year after year. This Summer I have so far seen only one of them. I find him/her by following the Blackbirds yelling when they try to scare away the Owl from the area. And there the Owl sits, always on a pine tree, trying to look invisible for Blackbirds that are very hostile, wanting to protect there young birds from the Owl.

From now on we all who visit the lake, are counting the young birds every day, telling each other how many we have seen. The Owl is a threat for those small ones, but there are other big birds too and maybe other animals that are  a danger for them.

Now I have not time to write any more, I am going to rehearse.

Have a great day.