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You are very welcome to check up my video Lähden yksin  (I Am Leaving). It is produced for TV6 in USA and has been aired on TV6 twice. It took 5 months to produce the video because there is both winter and summer on it. For English lyrics,  see topdown. I think you will like the Swedish nature. The views are from nere my hometown. 2007 was a rainy summer. Look at those dark coulds towards the end of the video! It was not easy to find a suitable day for filming, it was always raining some part of the day.

Lähden yksin  (I Am Leaving)

Music: Maini Sorri

Orig. lyrics: Marjo-Riitta Oksanen

English lyrics: Barbara Helsingius

DVD by SoL Productions,  Sweden

Music arranged by Jaakko Viitala

Music recorded by, all instruments, mixed and mastered by Jaakko Viitala, Krumhults kultur, Hjularöd, Sweden


Snow on the ground,

snow all around,

where we buried the past

and the feelings we found.

Storms in the night,

prayers for light,

wishes for wonders

to make wrong turn right.


I may long for your touch once tender,

but don’t think I’ll ever surrender.

I must try the taste of living

among those warm and forgiving.

I must change the ice for fire,

see the sun and feel desire.

Now I’m leaving, 

Yes am leaving,

Oh I’m leaving,

I am leaving.

 Doubt in the air,

mem’ries we share,

truth or illusion?

I really don’t care.

This is my way

right or astray,

I’ll manage I’ll make it

or else I must pay.


I may long for your touch once tender…