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Maini - Let Me Do Your Time cdcoverI was chosen as the Arzuk Artist of the week by Arzuk Productions, California, in April 2011. The featured song was my techno track Let Me Do Your Time. You can see the video on CNN

You can see Let Me Do Your Time video on Youtube here

Here you can read the great review of Let Me Do Your Time by Gonzalo Arzamendi, the CEO of Arzuk Productions.

“This is a well composed melody with a great dance beat, clear and well tune vocals with great harmonies, excellent base. This song poses a strong structure with a well defined line, excellent rhythm easy to follow, a real and excited experience for the listener. Let Me Do Your time grabs you attention from the beginning to the end with the well performed mix, this is a song in my opinion that you must to add to your collection”.

I send many thanks to Gonzalo Arzamendi for a great review and for giving both me and my band Sorriso this great opportunity!

In July it was Season finale of Arzuk Artist Contest. We were 10 bands from USA, Canada, Japan and only 2 bands from Europe. These 2 European bands were my Italian/Swedish band Sorriso with Special Friend and I as a solo artist with Let Me Do Your Time.

It became a very exciting and tie contest. Fans could vote for their favourite artist by phone, poll and email once a day during one week. It was a very tie contest till the end.

Sorriso Special Friend ArtworkI became number 2 with Let Me Do Your Time only 48 votes after number 1! Sorriso became #3 with Special Friend.

I want to thank once again all my fans for voting!  Big thanks to Gonzalo Arzamendi for giving me and my band this opportunity and for all great support! Big thanks also to our promoter Jason Boner from Liverpool that did a great job gathering votes!

Melodifestivalen Final GenrepI have just seen the first of the Swedish national selections, Melodifestivalen, of Eurovision song contest 2010. I am really suprised. There were not one female composer, not one single female lyricist. Many of the songs were very like each other, many of them had phrases that I have heard before in other songs.  Where are catchy and interesting refrains and great verses? I am glad there was one talented songwriter that sang his own song,  Salem Al Fakir.

I wrote last year that many composers whose songs are picked for the contest, take the easy way out writing very simple refrains, with much repeating. The main question is anyway, how is the jury that is picking these songs? Thousends of song writers send their songs. I know many talented song writers that are never allowed to compete, their songs are never picked.  I know publishers that have stopped sending in songs because they are never picked. Year after year mostly the same composers’ songs are picked, no wonder that many of them sound like each other.

These national selections are very popular and sees by millions of people. I really long for a year when we will hear the best songs that people have sent to the contest, no matter who the song writers are, instead of songs that are written by famous song writers, well known by the jury.

Next year I would like to hear only songs by new song writers that have not been competing before. To the jury: Take your time and listen to all songs that are sent to you! That is your job!