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IMG_2163_new small272 Records in Los Angeles found Maini Sorri from Uppsala on Maini’s Myspace music page and contacted her. In less than 24 hours the record deal had already been signed.

Contact with the record label A & R director has been frequent  throughout the summer. What is clear is that the record company is hooked on Maini’s music. A & R wrote: “We’d love to have you on board! We really enjoy your song I Should not Have Trusted You, and think it would be a great addition to the record!”

A compilation album was published in August and it is distributed worldwide. The album is also sold at Hollywood’s biggest and most popular record store. Beyond radio distribution the album will be distributed to Cafes and Coffee Houses on Hollywood Blvd., Sunset Blvd. and Melrose Avenue. On the album you can hear I Should not have trusted you and Like an angel, composed by Maini. The lyrics of most of Maini’s songs are written by herself but the lyrics of Like an angel are written by Marjo-Riitta Oksanen. Maini’s songs are translated by Barbara Helsingius into English.
Maini Sorri is from Lempäälä and she moved to Sweden in the age of 17. She worked as a music teacher e.g. in Uppland, but has dedicated to her own music the recent years.
Social media and spreading of music via internet has opened doors to the global distribution of the music.
Maini wrote her first piece of music at 8 and has played and sung all her life. She became well known  through her songs. Maini has a band with John Baumann from Italy, and Sorriso Special Friend was elected to Arzuk Artist of the Week  in California in April this year. There are also other number one spots for Maini on international charts.

Maini has said in interviews that a strong motive for making music is to bring  joy to listeners and to make them feel good. Maini’s humane and bright music reaches out to listeners, the message is easy to understand, and it has always a warm tone. Maini has been studying singing for decades, and her repertoire is surprisingly all around – it includes ballads, pop and even techno music.

Maini Sorri was  for a long time #2 on a vote based World Music Radio Chart Top 20 list. On the top of not quite two year old Top 20 chart has beyond Maini and Menowin been e.g. Depeche Mode”.

Maini Sorri’s artist page and blog:
Acoustika Vol. 26 produced by 272 Records:

Photo: Johan Zetterlund

“Levysopimus Los Angelesissa alle 24 tunnin” article published in Liekki #3 2011, translated by google with help by Maini

Maini 097 större Redigerad

“I have had the honor to interview Maini Sorri after the summer.

Have you had a good summer?
Yes thanks, I’ve had a good but intense summer:)

Best memory from summer 2011?
I got two record deal by 272 Records in Hollywood.

How did you get your stage name?
My stage name is my maiden name.

Which of your songs do you personally like best and why?
I’ve had different favorites. The one I like best and the one I’m happiest for right now is Let Me Do Your Time.

How do you come up with your songs?
Before I compose I always get a strong feeling that does not go over with less than that I write a song. Often it is something sad that has happened to trigger the feeling. When I finished writing the song, I’m happy again:)

Plans for the future? Gigs? New video?
Acoustica, Vol. 26 with two of my songs have just been released in Hollywood. A new album is coming out in England and USA this fall. A new video is almost ready. Next gig will be to sing at a birthday party.

If you would tour with famous artist whom would you choose then?
Wow, that was hard. Someone with a great voice that seems like a nice person. Josh Groban I think.

What other musicians you work with?
I have a band with the Italian artist John Baumann and collaborate with the multi-instrumentalist Jaakko Viitala.

What does “Love” mean to you?

Being accepted and loved as I am and love back in the same way.

Tell us where to buy your new album?
It is easy to buy the new album Acoustica, Vol. 26 through my website here
and click on the album cover.
Lots of hugs

Swedish Top Music Interview by Carita 23rd August 2011
You find the original Swedish article here
Translated into English by Google translater with a little help from Maini.

Maini - Let Me Do Your Time cdcoverI was chosen as the Arzuk Artist of the week by Arzuk Productions, California, in April 2011. The featured song was my techno track Let Me Do Your Time. You can see the video on CNN

You can see Let Me Do Your Time video on Youtube here

Here you can read the great review of Let Me Do Your Time by Gonzalo Arzamendi, the CEO of Arzuk Productions.

“This is a well composed melody with a great dance beat, clear and well tune vocals with great harmonies, excellent base. This song poses a strong structure with a well defined line, excellent rhythm easy to follow, a real and excited experience for the listener. Let Me Do Your time grabs you attention from the beginning to the end with the well performed mix, this is a song in my opinion that you must to add to your collection”.

I send many thanks to Gonzalo Arzamendi for a great review and for giving both me and my band Sorriso this great opportunity!

In July it was Season finale of Arzuk Artist Contest. We were 10 bands from USA, Canada, Japan and only 2 bands from Europe. These 2 European bands were my Italian/Swedish band Sorriso with Special Friend and I as a solo artist with Let Me Do Your Time.

It became a very exciting and tie contest. Fans could vote for their favourite artist by phone, poll and email once a day during one week. It was a very tie contest till the end.

Sorriso Special Friend ArtworkI became number 2 with Let Me Do Your Time only 48 votes after number 1! Sorriso became #3 with Special Friend.

I want to thank once again all my fans for voting!  Big thanks to Gonzalo Arzamendi for giving me and my band this opportunity and for all great support! Big thanks also to our promoter Jason Boner from Liverpool that did a great job gathering votes!

Sorriso Special Friend ArtworkSorriso’s new single Special Friend has turned out to be a success. Radio producers from different countries give comments like “I can’t wait to play this track” or “This is a successfull track”.

Sorriso was The Arzuk Artist of The Week in Ridgecrest California 21st to 27th April 2011 . Maini and John want to thank Arzuk Productions for giving this great opportunity.

Gonzalo Arzamendi , CEO of Arzuk Productions, writes: “I have the opportunity to listen to the music created and composed by Sorriso, this duet between John Baumann and Maini Sorri is a joy to the ears”.

“Special Friend”: This song has a great strong structure the lyrics has a well specific message, the combinations of vocals between John and Maini flow with the music, with elegance and perfect coordination, The melody has a very special and singular accent, that together with the acoustic guitar make this song a joy to the ears easy to listen and grabs you from beginning to end. This song transmit to the listener the clean state of mind of the performers”.

See Sorriso on CNN iReport Watch Arzuk Artist video on YouTube

Visit Sorriso website on Reverbnation

Where ever you live, you can download both Special Friend and Hiding Place on Reverbnation store $ 0,99 and ringtones $ 2.49.

Special Friend is now available on itunes around the world, here are some stores:

Itunes Sweden Itunes UK Itunes USA Itunes Italy

Switch the little flag top down right on the page and choose your own country. Search word Sorriso Special Friend.