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Maini Sorri - Just A Dream (Remixes)Maini – Just A Dream (Trilogy Dreamix) Official Music Video is released today! This beautiful must see video to Maini’s dance track is produced by Johan Zetterlund from Sweden.

Music is by Maini Sorri and lyrics by Gary Cornman. Maini’s promoter in Hollywood, Trilogy has made the amazing remix. The video follows the pulse of the music perfectly.

Be among the first to see and comment Maini – Just A Dream (Trilogy Dreamix) Official Music Video  here

Label behind Maini – Just A Dream (Remixes) is Reya music, Sweden.

Cd artwork pic by Johan Zetterlund, Sweden.

Cd artwork layout by Maria Jhoanna F. Roberto, Hollywood, US.

Maini Sorri - Hold MeMaini’s Hold Me video is still very successful in USA. Pulse TV Network has added Hold Me to play list on House channel and reports that it has been #13, #15 and #16 on playlist during past 3 weeks.

More Music show has added Hold Me on upcoming rotation and gives is 12-15 spins per week on channel WKTV 25 & GRTV 25. Their target audience is lovers of Hard Rock/Heavy Metal.

Hold Me is also added at Yhur Music TV. Their target audience is 18-35 who is focused on what’s hip.

Swagg St. Live has added Hold Me. Swagg St. Live is “a Music Video Countdown Show featuring the hottest Music Videos in Hip-Hop, POP, R&B and all things”. The show is aired on KSAN CW in Arkansas.

Also The In Crowd and Caribbean Jams has added Hold me on show. The In Crowd plays “The hottest and most requested music videos in Top 40 and Hip-Hop music”.  The show airs on KDHX 22.

Bay Area Backstage & ACTV in California has added Hold Me to upcoming episode of show.

Hold Me is also available on many streaming sites as t ex Music Play On, Blinkx Afropunk and Videobash.

You can still see Hold Me in Style-City Music presents season 24 at Blip TV here. You see Hold Me video after 14 minutes.


Maini Sorri - Hold MePress release June 13th 2013

Mainis new music video Hold Me is very successful. Maini has got great reports during many weeks from her promoter in Hollywood Trilogy Music Group. It takes a lot of time to follow all links to TV stations and streaming sites that have added Hold Me.

“It is interesting that the same show can reach so many people via lots of TV channels”, Maini says.

Maini has seen her video on  Style-City Music Presents TV show, season 24 episode 3 on Blip TV, located in New York but the show has also been shown on over 100 TV stations in America and around the world,  among them My channel in London with a reach of  9 million TV watchers and also on Cape Town TV  in South Africa.

The oldest music video show in Virginia USA, Karamel Video Jams has Hold Me in frequent rotation. The new Knockout Live TV in Arizona, USA, “the new world leader in Blue-ray quality streaming entertainment”, will use Hold Me video in a new HD variety show, taping now.

Among other channels in USA that show Mainis Hold Me video are WTR TV, The Sound Chamber On Aurora 8, the TV show Video Madness on DCTV in California.

Mainis video is added to lots of streaming sites, like Exposed Vocals, This is 50 Top Entertainment & Hip-hop Community, Shamata TVRNRTV, Ovation TV and many many more.

Hold Me video is also in rotation on Hiphop R&B Dance Top40 TV/radio station 98.2 The Beat in Los Angeles.

The video reaches also car dealerships, electronic stores, restaurants, hotels, and nightclubs in California and Nevada via a retail pool.

There is also a Hold Me radio campaign in UK throughout the summer.

We’re bringing you some of the best music videos from all over the world” Style-City Music writes here

Final Eurovision 2008If you live in Sweden maybe you saw the Culture News Kulturnyheterna on Swedish Television SVT last week. They let us know that the information from SVT about that anyone can send a song to the Swedish National Election of ESC  is just a fake. 

You have not just to be a wellknown composer, the artist that sings your song on the demo must be famous, too.  Fredrik Kempe told on Culture News that when he and Henrik Wikström sent their song Cara Mia to the contest for the first time it was sung by an unknown artist. The song was not selected by the jury. When they sent in Cara Mia sang by Måns Zelmerlöw the song was chosen by the jury to the Swedish National  selection of ESC Melodifestivalen.

According to the Culture News  the thing that happened Marie Lindberg, an unknown artist singing her song right into listeners hearts  and becoming famous over night, is never going to happen on Melodifestivalen any more on. It is really sad!

They also told that famous artists now queue to participate in the contest because it gives them so much attention. Unknown artists have really no chance to be picked by the jury these days.  It’s really a pity that those magic moments  when a new unknown artist touch our heart and gives us something new won’t happen any more. It is very much repetition this year, we have heard the artists  before and the composers write melodies that are very much alike the songs by them that we heard before.

According the rules all the songs that people sent in are going to be judged, first by Swedish Music Publishers, then by a judge group from Swedish Television (SVT).  I know the rules because I have sent songs to the competition two years in a row now. The composer and the lyricist must send in an application form with their names to  SVT together with the AudioCD. The application form  has to be sent in a separate sealed envelope and is NOT going to be opened before the songs already have been selected by the jury. Otherwize the song will be disqualified.

I accuse the judge from SVT of breaking this rule all the time!  The composers that participate are the same all the time, it is a small group of composers and it is obvious that Christer Björkman have ordered songs from them. In the competition for 10 days ago, Sarah Dawn Finer and Malena Ernman were duelling against each other but both songs were by Fredrik Kempe that is a fulltime composer. 

So, it is obvius. The composer must be wellknown and the artist must be wellknown, too, otherwize you can just save your many for the postage of your song.

I really think that there are lack of great melodies on the competition this year, it is becoming more and more obvious each and every year.  The same composers  cannot vary themselves in style and melodys so much.  Christer Björkman defended himself on Culture News by saying that  amateur composers cannot compete with the professional composers. He is so right, they cannot, because they are not allowed!

SVT must tell us now what the real rules are. They are not the rules I got from SVT.  At least the rules are not followed.  SVT has to tell everybody that the rules are just a fake, and let’s see what Swedish people think about that! I think that most of us want have more variety,  more new composers and new artists, songs that touch our hearts instead of hit-machines that are so alike each other.

Sign against cheating Stoppa fusket i Melodifestivalen

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