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Maini & Magneto Dayo profile pic facebookMaini & Magneto DayoBlue Song has now been 5 weeks in a row on three different National Airplay Top Charts in The US! Blue Song was last week still #7 on National Airplay Top 50 R&B/Hip-Hop Chart and # 12 on National Airplay Top 50 Independent Chart. Blue Song was last week #153 National Airplay Top200 Chart for all genres from gospel to Hip-Hop.

Most radio plays of Blue Song last week 110, was reported from Mega 105.5 in Baltimore, Maryland.

Maini & Magneto Dayo – Blue Song video is included in The Style-City Music Presents show, Season 32, episode 3 that is aired on over 100 TV stations around the world! You can watch the episode here at BlipTV.

Maini & Magneto Dayo – Blue Song (Official Music Video) by Johan Zetterlund was released on June 17th. Blue Song single was released on June 9th 2014. Label behind the release is Reya music. Music is written by Maini Sorri, lyrics by Gary Cornman & Dashawn Williams, remix by Carsten Lehmann. Cd artwork pics by Johan Zetterlund, Dashawn Williams & Anita Hamilton. Cd artwork layout Marjo-Riitta Oksanen.

Maini Sorri - Just A Dream (Remixes)Style-City Music Presents is 30 minute music video show that is shown on over 100 television stations in USA and also in South Africa. Maini’s Just A Dream (Trilogy Dreamix) video is in Style-City Music Presents season 29 episode 3. You can see the show here on Blip TV in USA

Maini’s video is also in rotation in the oldest music video show in Virginia USA, Karamel Video Jams  that shows “the best of Hip Hop, R&B, Gospel and more”.

Music is by Maini Sorri, Sweden, lyrics by Gary Cornman, USA and remix by Maria Jhoanna F. Roberto, USA. Label is Reya music, Sweden.

Maini Sorri - Hold MePress release June 13th 2013

Mainis new music video Hold Me is very successful. Maini has got great reports during many weeks from her promoter in Hollywood Trilogy Music Group. It takes a lot of time to follow all links to TV stations and streaming sites that have added Hold Me.

“It is interesting that the same show can reach so many people via lots of TV channels”, Maini says.

Maini has seen her video on  Style-City Music Presents TV show, season 24 episode 3 on Blip TV, located in New York but the show has also been shown on over 100 TV stations in America and around the world,  among them My channel in London with a reach of  9 million TV watchers and also on Cape Town TV  in South Africa.

The oldest music video show in Virginia USA, Karamel Video Jams has Hold Me in frequent rotation. The new Knockout Live TV in Arizona, USA, “the new world leader in Blue-ray quality streaming entertainment”, will use Hold Me video in a new HD variety show, taping now.

Among other channels in USA that show Mainis Hold Me video are WTR TV, The Sound Chamber On Aurora 8, the TV show Video Madness on DCTV in California.

Mainis video is added to lots of streaming sites, like Exposed Vocals, This is 50 Top Entertainment & Hip-hop Community, Shamata TVRNRTV, Ovation TV and many many more.

Hold Me video is also in rotation on Hiphop R&B Dance Top40 TV/radio station 98.2 The Beat in Los Angeles.

The video reaches also car dealerships, electronic stores, restaurants, hotels, and nightclubs in California and Nevada via a retail pool.

There is also a Hold Me radio campaign in UK throughout the summer.

We’re bringing you some of the best music videos from all over the world” Style-City Music writes here