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Maini Sorri - Just A Dream (Remixes)Maini’s Just A Dream (Trilogy Dreamix) video will be added to DMX/Mood Media platform. DMX offers music to National retail pool, Digital cable, satellite and the Internet to over 11 million homes, 180,000 businesses and 30 airlines. DMX MUSIC is heard by a worldwide daily listening audience of 100 million!

Just A Dream (Trilogy Dreamix) video will be added to upcoming episode of Music Inner City, the only locally produced urban/interview show in Northwest of USA, reaching millions in Washington, USA. Legends as Oprah, Quincy Jones and Stevie Wonder have been guests on the show.

Just A Dream (Trilogy Dreamix) has debuted at #10 on playlist at Pulse TV Network. The Pulse TV Network has 24 hours of commercial free music seen by over 5 million viewers every month. Just A Dream (Trilogy Dreamix) is also added to Retail Pool that provides music to major electronic stores, restaurants, hotels, nightclubs and other retail outlets in California and Nevada.

Maini Sorri - Just A Dream (Remixes)Maini – Just A Dream (Trilogy Dreamix) Official Music Video is released today! This beautiful must see video to Maini’s dance track is produced by Johan Zetterlund from Sweden.

Music is by Maini Sorri and lyrics by Gary Cornman. Maini’s promoter in Hollywood, Trilogy has made the amazing remix. The video follows the pulse of the music perfectly.

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Label behind Maini – Just A Dream (Remixes) is Reya music, Sweden.

Cd artwork pic by Johan Zetterlund, Sweden.

Cd artwork layout by Maria Jhoanna F. Roberto, Hollywood, US.