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Maini Sorri and Magneto Dayo - Blue SongMaini and the American hip-hop artist Magneto Dayo won Arzuk Music Award 2017 in California on January 17th, 2018. They won in Freestyle/Rap/HipHop category with ‘Blue Song‘.

Arzuk Productions & Entertainment is a production company located at Barstow California. Arzuk Productions is run by Gonzalo Arzamendi, Raymond Rowe, Bobby Ludlam, and Steven Zukaitis.

Blue Song single was released on June 9th 2014. Music is written by Maini Sorri, lyrics by Gary Cornman & Dashawn Williams, remix by Carsten Lehmann. Video by Johan Zetterlund. Label behind the Blue Song release is Reya music.

Sorriso Special Friend ArtworkSorriso’s new single Special Friend has turned out to be a success. Radio producers from different countries give comments like “I can’t wait to play this track” or “This is a successfull track”.

Sorriso was The Arzuk Artist of The Week in Ridgecrest California 21st to 27th April 2011 . Maini and John want to thank Arzuk Productions for giving this great opportunity.

Gonzalo Arzamendi , CEO of Arzuk Productions, writes: “I have the opportunity to listen to the music created and composed by Sorriso, this duet between John Baumann and Maini Sorri is a joy to the ears”.

“Special Friend”: This song has a great strong structure the lyrics has a well specific message, the combinations of vocals between John and Maini flow with the music, with elegance and perfect coordination, The melody has a very special and singular accent, that together with the acoustic guitar make this song a joy to the ears easy to listen and grabs you from beginning to end. This song transmit to the listener the clean state of mind of the performers”.

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Visit Sorriso website on Reverbnation

Where ever you live, you can download both Special Friend and Hiding Place on Reverbnation store $ 0,99 and ringtones $ 2.49.

Special Friend is now available on itunes around the world, here are some stores:

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Switch the little flag top down right on the page and choose your own country. Search word Sorriso Special Friend.