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Maini Sorri – Silent Night CD artwork

Maini Sorri‘s rocking single Silent Night is re-released on December 21st 2022. Music and lyrics by Franz Gruber. The rocking instrumental by Patrik Ragnefors. You can watch the Christmassy Silent Night video by W.A. Henderson, Hollywood CA, starring Michelle Perez from Los Angeles on Youtube.

Maini - Silent NightThe rocking Christmas single Maini -Silent Night was re-released on December 10th 2014. It contains a Rock Remix of the traditional Christmas song Silent Night. Mainis’ single was aired on many radio stations in UK in December, among them Splash Radio in London, and also on The England Swings show at Radio Fairfax in The US.

You can listen to Silent Night on Spotify here

You can see the amazing Christmassy Silent Night video from a Christmas fair in Los Angeles on Youtube, directed by W.A. Henderson, Hollywood and stars beautiful Michelle Perez.

You find Maini’s rocking Christmas single here on Deezer, Google Play, Amazon, Rdio, 7Digital, Xbox Music, Nokia Music MixRadio, 24-7.

You also find it on Itunes all over the world. Follow any of the iTunes links below. Then switch the country code (in the middle, after to your country code. Awoken Heartbroken (Remixes) on Itunes USA, Itunes UK, Itunes Sweden.

Silent Night was released for the first time on December 19th 2013. Because the release was close to Christmas there was not much time to distribute the single to radio stations in time.

Music and lyrics are by Franz Grüber and the rocking remix by Patrik Ragnefors. Label behind the release is Reya music . Cd artwork pic and cd artwork layout by Johan Zetterlund.

Maini - Silent NightMaini’s rocking Silent Night Official Video is released 23rd December. It is produced by W.A. Henderson, Hollywood CA, starring beautiful Michelle Perez from Los Angeles.

See this amazing rocking Christmassy must see video here

The rocking remix is by Patrik Ragnefors, Sweden.

Maini’s single Silent Night was released on December 19th. Label behind the single is Reya music, Sweden. CD artwork by Johan Zetterlund.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Julskiva Front jpgThis Christmas, Maini Sorri Scandinavian singer-songwriter  is promoting her holiday album Christmas in Our Hearts which is a four-track, bilingual release. Sorri is known for singing English translations of traditional Finnish Songs, but with this release, listeners will get the best of both worlds. Two of the tracks “Christmas in Our Hearts” and “Our River Runs on Christmas Night” are in English with duplicates of each song in Finnish.

“Our River Runs on Christmas Night” feels mystical. It is infused with hymn-like humming, tribal drum sounds and flutes. Although it is in English, you can sense Sorri’s soft accent which makes the piece unique and unlike anything the listener has heard before. The song is relaxing (almost hypnotizing) and will allow listeners to imagine themselves in an enchanted Christmas forest being sung to by a little fairy; Maini Sorri. Music video idea? I think so.

“Christmas in our Hearts” is a more energetic track full of playful piano runs, heavy bells, and Sorri’s sweet high pitched voice. The lyrics are simple and made up of short rhyming verses about Christmas. This song will leave listeners feeling alive and full of lingering anticipation.

Review by Womensradio, USA 24th December 2010

I love Christmas



Maini Sorri: Christmas In Our Hearts

I love Christmas. In Sweden it is very common to have electric candelsticks at every window. Is there some of my visitors that still have them at the windows? I guess not. I have. It is only 2nd of February, there is no harry. We still have the Christmas tree, too. Alright, there are no Christmas decorations left on it but the tree is still there with candles.

I love Christmas music! I listen to Christmas songs during the whole December and January, sometimes in February too. Why not, it is a long time to next Christmas. I actually wrote a song about my Christmas habits, too, but just that song is nothing to share with the world, I have lots of better songs.

I am very happy to tell that I am one of the artists on International Christmas radio on There are Carola and Sanna Nielsen from Sweden and many international artists with very interesting Christmas music. It is worth a visit!

 Don’t worry, some day I will pack the candlesticks and the tree will disappear, too, but why hurry?

Have a nice day!

Photo: Mikael Tidemar