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Maini Sorri – Silent Night CD artwork

Maini Sorri‘s rocking single Silent Night is re-released on December 21st 2022. Music and lyrics by Franz Gruber. The rocking instrumental by Patrik Ragnefors. You can watch the Christmassy Silent Night video by W.A. Henderson, Hollywood CA, starring Michelle Perez from Los Angeles on Youtube.

Maini Sorri - Lost Love (Dance Remix)Lost Love (Dance Remix) is doing great on DRT National Airplay Top Charts. It has already been four weeks on two different charts, this week #34 on National Airplay Top 50 R&B/HipHop Chart and #75 on National Airplay Top 80 Independent Chart. Last week Lost Love (Dance Remix) was #29 on National Airplay Top 50 R&B/HipHop Chart and #62 National Airplay Top 80 Independent Chart.

The DRT National Airplay Top Charts are based on an amount of weekly radio plays and tracks radio air plays on 7000+ radio stations.

Several stations around the world play Maini’s music. This week KJX-FM in St. Louis Missouri had most radio airplays 101, and Kiss FM 103,1 in Houston Texas was second best with 99 radio plays of Lost Love (Dance Remix) last week.

Melodifestivalen bildThere has been two Swedish national selections of Eurovision Song Contest so far. About 86 % of the songwriters are men. It means that Sweden is not as equal as people think when it comes to music.

Some of the songs that have been picked up for the selections are written by the same men year after year. Every song that a songwriter gets into the contest generates a lot of money. Why is it so important that mostly men earn that money? There are lots of talented female songwriters in Sweden. What I hope for next year’s selections is that we get a female Eurovision Song Contest General who’s goal is to pick up songs of great female songwriters to the selections.

I have a quite good song memory. It is sad that many phrases in some songs are heard before. It happens when the same persons write songs to the contest year after year.

Artists vary but the sex of the songwriters don’t. It is very peculiar that the lack of female songwriters is not more noticed by media and listeners. Everyone is so used to it, after years and years with the same male Eurovision Song Contest General in Sweden.

Most of the contestants are also men, although there are lots of great female artists and bands in Sweden. In the second national  selection tonight 80 % of the artists were men!