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Julskiva Front jpgThis Christmas, Maini Sorri Scandinavian singer-songwriter  is promoting her holiday album Christmas in Our Hearts which is a four-track, bilingual release. Sorri is known for singing English translations of traditional Finnish Songs, but with this release, listeners will get the best of both worlds. Two of the tracks “Christmas in Our Hearts” and “Our River Runs on Christmas Night” are in English with duplicates of each song in Finnish.

“Our River Runs on Christmas Night” feels mystical. It is infused with hymn-like humming, tribal drum sounds and flutes. Although it is in English, you can sense Sorri’s soft accent which makes the piece unique and unlike anything the listener has heard before. The song is relaxing (almost hypnotizing) and will allow listeners to imagine themselves in an enchanted Christmas forest being sung to by a little fairy; Maini Sorri. Music video idea? I think so.

“Christmas in our Hearts” is a more energetic track full of playful piano runs, heavy bells, and Sorri’s sweet high pitched voice. The lyrics are simple and made up of short rhyming verses about Christmas. This song will leave listeners feeling alive and full of lingering anticipation.

Review by Womensradio, USA 24th December 2010

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