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20180502_224548 GD artikel 180430 small Gefle Dagblad, Nils Palmeby wrote about “best Gästrike releases ni April” on April 30th 2018.

About “Maini Sorri & Magneto Dayo – When Two Worlds Meet” he wrote (translated by Maini):

“Maini Sorri – When Two Worlds Meet (album, release May 23)

Maini Sorri was a former music teacher in Tierp and on May 23, her new album “When Two Worlds Meet” together with Brooklyn rapper Magneto Dayo will be released. They met on Twitter! An undeniably unexpected cooperation. Just wait until you hear.”

Text under the picture: “Maini Sorri’s new album. Doesn’t sound like anything we’ve heard before.”

If you are a subscriber of Gefle Dagblad you can read the article here

Maini Sorri and Magneto Dayo - Second ChanceA summary of Maini and Magneto Dayo‘s Second Chance Top Chart results shows that it stayed on DRT National Airplay Top 80 Independent Chart for 8 weeks and National Airplay Top 200 Chart for 4 weeks during Spring 2016.

Avicii is one of the biggest Swedish music imports. Second Chance was #109 on Top 200 Chart 2/6/16, that is 60 placements higher than Avicii  on #169.  Second Chance was #103 on Top 200 Chart 2/13/16 , 91 placements higher than Avicii on #194 .  When Avicii fell off Top 200 Chart 2/20/16, Second Chance was still there and made it to #107, and #165 the week after.

The DRT National Airplay Top Charts are based on an amount of weekly radio plays and tracks radio air plays on 5000+ radio stations.

Second Chance made it to DRT National Airplay Top Charts already before release and climbed to #39 on Top 80 Independent Chart. Following week it jumped up to #27, see the the chart in Record World Magazine here.

Maini and Magneto Dayo‘s Second Chance was released on January 25th 2016.

Maini Sorri and Magneto Dayo - Second ChanceMaini and Magneto Dayo from Brooklyn, New York have released their second collaboration Second Chance. Magneto Dayo is a successful American rapper and was last year one of the most promising new artists on huge Pandora Radio in The USA, with almost a million radioplays during his first month.

Maini’s and Magneto Dayo’s previous collaboration Blue Song stayed on DRT National Airplay Top Charts in 11 weeks in a row in Summer 2014, #9 as the best position.

Maini’s clear voice, Magneto Dayo’s brilliant rap and Carsten Lehmann‘s catchy instrumental create upbeat party style music for dance floor.

Carsten Lehmann has written the music. Lyrics are by Maini Sorri and Magneto Dayo. The label behind the release is Reya music from Sweden.

Second Chance is available in web shops around the world. Here is the link to Second Chance at iTunesUSA, iTunesUK and iTunesSweden. Switch the little flag top down right on the page to your country’s flag. You can also listen to Second Chance on spotify.

CD artwork pic by Johan Zetterlund, Marjo-Riitta Oksanen, Sweden & Hasz Heat, New York. CD artwork layout by Marjo-Riitta Oksanen