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I Like MusicThe global radio temporarily backs down from charging listeners. They have received tons of negative feedback.  The founder of Richard Jones made an annauncement on March 24th about starting to charge listeners that don’t live in USA, UK or Germany.

I wrote a message to Richard Jones and got an answer. It was of course a good thing. It is important that the staff of listen to their 30 million monthly listeners and 280 000 artists and labels but the answer was only an explanation about why they decided to start charging listeners.  There is now  a strike among listeners on

On March 30th a new annauncement  by Richard Jones was published.  He annaunced that is delaying their move of beginning to charge listeners. It is good although we must keep in mind that this delaying is just temporary. We listeners and artists on Last-fm must keep fighting against this negative change, hoping that it will never happen. listeners are really the best listeners ever, many of them are listening to all their awaken hours. I have never met listeners so devoted to music than on has listeners from every country in the world and is not only a huge global radio but also a gigantic meeting place for music lovers from different parts of the world, recommending music to each other.

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