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Winter days


Maini SorriIt was a lovely winter day in Sweden today. I took a long walk and it was so beautiful with all snow and the sun and snow crystals shining. It has been very cold in Sweden. Last Wednesday night Naimaka in the north of Sweden had 38.5 below zero Celsius ! It is really cold. We had 13 below zero Celsius in my hometown today.

I studied in the north of Sweden for a year and I really wanted to experience the cold weather. Unfortunately the coldest days that year occured when I had Christmas holidays. When I came back to my room was cold, the water was frozen in the radiators, but I myself never got the chance to experience those really cold days.

Why I love winter? I don’t know, I think there are winter people and summer people. Maybe it is because I grew up with real winters with much snow. It was a great joy to ski and the white snow is so beautiful and lightens up the darkness. I think it is quite practical to love winter when you live up north:)

Photo: Mikael Tidemar

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