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The Hollywood Movipod musical “Anna’s Angels” featuring Maini Sorri´s music is released! It contains of 6 parts and is a fictional story about her and her rock band Anna’s Angels in the US. Produced by Hollywood film director Mike Burns and Maini Sorri. Welcome to follow the dramatic story! What will happen after the accident? Will the famous band ever play again? Will love conquer all difficulties? Will there be any happy ending?

You can listen to all parts on Spotify, Apple Music and on

Music of all songs is composed by Maini Sorri. Arranged by Orlando Mestre, Jaakko Viitala, Seppo Ihme, Mats Olsson and Carsten Lehmann. Lyrics by Gary Cornman, Barbro Norberg, Marjo-Riitta Oksanen, Ritva Ala-särkelä, Mikko Anttila and Barbara Helsingius.