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Maini Sorri Smile

I went to my grocery store today. When I came closer to the cash register the guy serving customers said to me: ” I’m sorry I didn’t smile at you, I was thinking about something else. You must know that I didn’t mean anything by not smiling. I want to you to know so you don’t need to wonder why I didn’t smile at you”. I think it was the most sweet thing to say! I had taken a long walk before I went to the store and I had been thinking of  how important it was to look at the people in their eyes and give them a smile. Then this happened! 

For years ago I sat with a woman on a bus tour who was not a nice person, I thought she was really mean. I did wonder if I really had the patience to sit with her on our tour home, too, I did because she was expecting it and it seemed to mean a lot for her. There was a custody issue in her life and other problems,  I didn’t agree with her, she seemd to be just thinking about herself and it was not a pleasure to be around her.  But why not listen to her side of the story? So I just listened  but it was quite a relief to be back home and say goodbye to her.

Some weeks later I met her again. She looked like another person. A happy smile covered her face when she came to me and said:  “My life has changed because of you. You were the first human being in my life that was kind to me.”  She told me that she had solved the custody issue and she had now good contact with her relatives. She did thank me so much, she never stopped thanking me for what I had done when we met. I thought I had not done almost anything. It was wonderful to see her so happy.  She is not with us anymore but she did really teach me how little things can make a big difference.