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Fluff Does Web DesignI am very happy and proud about my new computer. I have really been upgraded:) My old computer was really the slowest one. Sometimes it took so long for me to open a Myspace page or send an email that I had time to do a lot of other things while I was waiting, to wash dishes or make my gym exercise program etc:) Yes, it is true! My old computer was really a lousy one.

Now I have a very fast computer. It is wonderful. Now I can visit Myspace and other pages with lots of grafic without any problem. To open a page and to go from page to page is really easy. I have now Windows 7 and Explorer 8. I have 3 hard drives and lots of memory. One of the 3 hard drives broke down but it has been restored by itself, it took 180 hours but at least I didn’t have to do anything. I am glad to have a computer that works for me:)’

Yes, there is one thing that I am not completely satisfied with, my computer switches the text size to a smaller one. Now when I write my blog post the text size is too small (but not when you see it on my blog page). When I write emails the text size is too small, too, in every mail box since I got my new computer. If somebody nows how to change the text size everywhere, maybe you can tell me how to do.