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Maini Sorri

Maini Sorri

What about time? Do you have time to do what you want to? Why am I always so busy??

When I was a child and I was sick, I always took books and pens and paper and letter-paper and crayons and a pair of scissors etc to my bed to have many nice things to do during the time I was sick. Maybe I always have been an active person. But nowadays I really feel that I am too busy.

I once heard a relative who also moved to Sweden tell our Finnish relatives: You have no time, in Sweden you have no time! I did’nt quite understand what she ment but maybe she was right?:)

My boss on my old job told me once when I complained about having  a lot of inspiration but not enough time: Be happy because you have a lot of inspiration but not enough time, it is much worse to have lots of time but no inspiration.

How do you manage to find the time do the things you want to do?

What about the Christmas tree? My friend from Canada asked me if we still have our Christmas tree. The answer is yes, we have not had time to put it away:)

Photo:  Mikael Tidemar

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