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Maini Sorri and northern lights 1

I have seen the Finnish Final of Eurovision Song Contest 31st of January! What about it? Yes, Finland seems to live and breath hard rock nowadays. I was a bit afraid that Finland would send hard rock to the Eurovision Song Contest for the third time.

The evening began with a second chance, with songs that had not qualified to the final. 2 of them with most votes went to the final to compete with 6 other songs. Later in the evening there was a Super Final for the 3 most voted songs.

What do I say about the songs in the final? Yes, I say that I sent 2 great songs to the competition but the answer was no. I hope my visitors don’t mind when I say that I think that my songs are better than some of the songs in the  Finnish final:) Better luck for me next time!

Maybe the right song, the song with a great melody, was not there, but I got a favorite anyway among the songs. It was Waldo’s People. There was so much self confidence in there number and the most important thing: There was a superb female vocalist with a really great voice on high notes. I think the chorus was catchy, too.

Waldo´s People became one of the groups in the Super Final.

Another group in the Super Final was Signmark. It was hip hop, a lot of joy there, and the thing that was special and new was that a deaf artist  expressed the lyrics with sign language. It was great. He was an important member in their number.

The third group was Passworks. The thing I did not understand was the huge silver Christmas star or snow flake on the female vocalist’s back. What had that thing to do with their song Surrender?! It would be interesting to hear the female vocalist when she does not have a sore of her throat. The male vocalist was great and carried his parts great. I really did hope that Finland would not send hard rock to the ESC again, this song was not the best of these three.

The group that won was Waldo´s People although Signmark got very much votes, too! I’ll be glad to hear their Lose control on the semifinal and hopefully in the final, too. I had never heard of the group but they said that they were the one among the groups  with the biggest career going on abroad these days.

I wish them good luck!

Photo: Mikael Tidemar