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Maini Sorri - Just A Dream (Remixes)Read the new review of Maini’s new single by Justin Beebe WRUV 90.1 fm in Vermont, USA:

“Cute as a button, Swedish Pop Dance artist Maini is back with another upbeat single titled Just a Dream. The single contains the original plus five other versions of the track. The original has more of a Disco Dance feel to it while the remixes are more EDM based. Another solid effort from Maini.”

Read the review here at WRUV.

Review by Justin Beebe, November 15th 2013.



Maini Sorri - Hold MeReview – Hold Me      May 21st 2013

I have opportunity to listen to the music of Maini Sorri, an Independent musician from Sweden, is my opinion that Maini has an great talent to perform and to sing with a clear and very suitable voice, her music can involved the listener with joy surrender by emotions.

– “ Hold Me Strong and well define introduction, strong rhythm well keep, easy melody to listen to it, excellent arrangement, great mix and very suitable music, the lyrics message expresses great feeling, with a well define line in combination with a great, and well tune voice, Maini make this melody a great hit, this melody is a joy to the ears. Vocals and music flows just perfect, Maini transmit to the listener her emotion. Is my opinion that this song has everything music, lyrics, vocals and harmonies that a song needs to become a hit. This Song will be a great addition to any music lover library.

This song will be recommended at Newusb, to be add to the Play list and and also to the request list for our friend and fans enjoyment .

Review by Gonzalo Arzamendi, Arzuk Productions & Enterteinment, California

Read the review here


Maini Sorri - Hold Me(Single review) Maini Sorri – Hold Me Tuesday, 14 May 2013

This is the third dance release from Maini Sorri. This one is more Pop/ dance crossover song, with a softer beat than the previous dance release of Please Go Away. This is a very nice Pop song and accompanies the voice of Maini very well. Very nice flowing beat and song
This song is very good on a speaker system, but for some reason suffers a little on headphones.
This song is also on the Radio Variety Show May Compilation Competition and for general radioplay.

DJ Readman, UK
Radio Variety Show

Read the review here

“Maini Sorri has to be Sweden’s best kept secret as far as British audiences are concerned. The woman from Uppsala’s profile is really only known to the minority dedicated lovers of Scandinavian music in the U.K. and that is a shame as her album Someday: Volume Two is a sweet, intelligent and enjoyable piece of work.

Ms. Sorri’s vocals glide through the songs with a sense of finely tuned beauty and whilst it is difficult enough to change the written lyrics of one language to another, to change a style could be deemed as an even harder challenge but Maini Sorri provides a great awareness in her voice of what can grab the listener carefully by the hand and touch their heart with finely tuned sentiment.

Like the current fascination for Scandinavian Noir which has crossed from one side of the North Sea to the other with an almost pulsating appreciation, Maini has tapped into a vibe with her songs of innocence and a devastating anguish with Only A Memory, the delightful Oh Echo, the wonderful child-like despair of I Shouldn’t Have Trusted You and the exquisite Lahden Yksin (A Finnish version of the song I Am Leaving) which also gets a superb airing on the album.

The album certainly deserves attention and so does Maini Sorri, it certainly cannot be easy for any singer or band from that part of the world as they constantly have the image of Sweden’s most famous musical export constantly bandied around them. The world has moved on since the heady days of Abba-mania but in some ways the music of that nation never seems to get a look in without someone always asking if they will be as successful.

No matter what Ms. Sorri does next, this album will be a crowning glory of Scandinavian music”.

Ian D. Hall

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

Maini Sorri, Someday: Volume Two. Album Review

December 18, 2012

You can read the review at Liverpool Sound and Vision here

Maini’s new dance single Please Go Away is playlisted in 17 US states after only 3 weeks of US promotion! Please Go Away is played on radio stations in New York, California, Pennsylvania, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Utah, Vermont, Wisconsin, Colorado, Illinois, New Jersey, New Mexico and Texas!

You can read an excellent review in USA about Swedish Pop Dance sensation here

“Swedish Pop Dance sensation, Maini, is back with another single titled Please Go Away. The music is high energy Pop Dance but this time there are some seriously rocking guitars backing up the track. Cute as ever, this hard rocking yet perky dance track is hard to resist.

Tracks: All good.”

Review by  Justin Beebe (justintime)

WRUV Reviews November 18th 2012, Vermont, USA

You can also read the review here

Here is the first review of Maini Sorris 2 new singles Please Go Away and Please Go Away (Rock Remix) by Antony Krakhmalnik at in Belarus! is a great site about any news from the world of relaxing music including new albums, personal news, interviews, reviews. publish links for introductive listening and buying of albums.

You can read the review here at

You can also watch the Please Go Away video by Johan Zetterlund there.

To translate the review you can copy and paste it on Google translater.

Mainis 2 singles Please Go Away and Please Go Away (Rock Remix) were released by Reya music,, Sweden November 13th 2012

Julskiva Front jpgThis Christmas, Maini Sorri Scandinavian singer-songwriter  is promoting her holiday album Christmas in Our Hearts which is a four-track, bilingual release. Sorri is known for singing English translations of traditional Finnish Songs, but with this release, listeners will get the best of both worlds. Two of the tracks “Christmas in Our Hearts” and “Our River Runs on Christmas Night” are in English with duplicates of each song in Finnish.

“Our River Runs on Christmas Night” feels mystical. It is infused with hymn-like humming, tribal drum sounds and flutes. Although it is in English, you can sense Sorri’s soft accent which makes the piece unique and unlike anything the listener has heard before. The song is relaxing (almost hypnotizing) and will allow listeners to imagine themselves in an enchanted Christmas forest being sung to by a little fairy; Maini Sorri. Music video idea? I think so.

“Christmas in our Hearts” is a more energetic track full of playful piano runs, heavy bells, and Sorri’s sweet high pitched voice. The lyrics are simple and made up of short rhyming verses about Christmas. This song will leave listeners feeling alive and full of lingering anticipation.

Review by Womensradio, USA 24th December 2010

Someday cdcoverMy single Someday got a great review by J. Whitaker 272 Records A&R Representative – Los Angeles, California, in July 2011.

“Maini Sorri delivers an eloquent ballad that is so professionally played and executed, it’s inspiring.

As “Someday” begins its passage out of the speakers, the pianos and opening samples are hauntingly beautiful and instantly catch your attention. I can easily tell that there was a lot of time and energy composing this song.

Everything melds together cohesively as each layer of the song is unveiled one verse and chorus at a time. The songwriting is highly accomplished, as well is the execution of the melody lines. There are some really alluring harmonies and background vocals reminiscent to the stylings of Sarah McLachlan, which certainly works great in creating an authentic layer of warmth for a song in this genre of music.

The musicianship is as efficient as it gets and the band, as a whole, is fantastic. I especially love the lead guitar playing as well as the string arrangement.

Above all, I believe Maini has a lot of talent on display here. She carries her song wholeheartedly and brings the listener on her journey to where we all may wind up. Here’s to hoping that Maini’s travels “Someday” take her to wherever it is she wants to go”.

You can also read the review on 272 Records website here

Sorriso Special Friend ArtworkSorriso’s new single Special Friend has turned out to be a success. Radio producers from different countries give comments like “I can’t wait to play this track” or “This is a successfull track”.

Sorriso was The Arzuk Artist of The Week in Ridgecrest California 21st to 27th April 2011 . Maini and John want to thank Arzuk Productions for giving this great opportunity.

Gonzalo Arzamendi , CEO of Arzuk Productions, writes: “I have the opportunity to listen to the music created and composed by Sorriso, this duet between John Baumann and Maini Sorri is a joy to the ears”.

“Special Friend”: This song has a great strong structure the lyrics has a well specific message, the combinations of vocals between John and Maini flow with the music, with elegance and perfect coordination, The melody has a very special and singular accent, that together with the acoustic guitar make this song a joy to the ears easy to listen and grabs you from beginning to end. This song transmit to the listener the clean state of mind of the performers”.

See Sorriso on CNN iReport Watch Arzuk Artist video on YouTube

Visit Sorriso website on Reverbnation

Where ever you live, you can download both Special Friend and Hiding Place on Reverbnation store $ 0,99 and ringtones $ 2.49.

Special Friend is now available on itunes around the world, here are some stores:

Itunes Sweden Itunes UK Itunes USA Itunes Italy

Switch the little flag top down right on the page and choose your own country. Search word Sorriso Special Friend.

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