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Maini Sorri - I Fall To PiecesMaini‘s rock single I Fall To Pieces got excellent reviews. Rick Jamm from London writes in Jamsphere Magazine:

“Like all of Maini recordings, I Fall To Pieces proves to be an extremely rewarding listen as its internal complexities unfold…As usual Maini once again shows that she is at the top of her game vocally. The song’s musical and lyrical thoughts are delivered in the clearest manner they could ever be”. Read the whole review here

Brett Stewart, Chicago, Tilting Windmill Studios writes: “Sorri’s vocals are solid, as usual…I’d actually align her vocal style to that of Yoko Ono. I mean that as a compliment, too…Sorri’s typical pop sensibility is infused into ‘I Fall To Pieces’ as well, and it’s a catchy tune.”Read the whole review here

Bree Morcroft, freelance writer from Melbourne, Australia writes: “After a slow-building, atmospheric introduction, ‘I Fall To Pieces’ explodes into a slightly unexpected, but pleasing bright burst of pop goodness the moment the vocal kicks in.” Read the whole review here

Bradley Rust, freelance writer from Sydney, Australia writes: “Maini follows up the impressive collaboration single ‘Second Chance’ with a new single of her own. To start with, my first vibe is a little Nightwish style from the opening 30 seconds before the pace eases a little and her voice takes centre stage”. Read the whole review here

More more sound writes: “I Fall To Pieces” is a truly stunning track with a rock edge that feels emotional and fragile, yet uplifting and direct, highlighting Maini’s strong ability to turn touching personal stories into amazing melodies with a purpose”. Read the whole review here


Maini Sorri - Awoken Heartbroken (Remixes) cd artwork 925The rock single Maini Sorri – Awoken Heartbroken (Remixes) contains a Rock Remix and a Metal Remix of Maini’s previous single Awoken Heartbroken. You can listen to Awoken Heartbroken (Remixes) on Spotify here.

You find Maini’s rock single here on Deezer, Google Plus, Amazon, Rdio, 7Digital, Xbox Music, Nokia Music MixRadio, 24-7.

You also find it on Itunes all over the world. Follow any of the iTunes links below. Then switch the country code (in the middle, after to your country code. Awoken Heartbroken (Remixes) on Itunes USA, Itunes UK, Itunes Sweden.

Music is by Maini Sorri, lyrics by Gary Cornman and the rocking remix by Patrik Ragnefors. Label behind the release is Reya music . Cd artwork pic by Johan Zetterlund and cd artwork layout by Marjo-Riitta Oksanen.

Maini Sorri - Awoken Heartbroken cd artworkThe success continues for Maini SorriAwoken Heartbroken. It has now made it to FOUR National Top Charts in The US! Radio stations in some US states, among them Florida, California and Lousiana, report over 100 weekly radioplays.

The DRT National Airplay Top Charts are based on an amount of weekly radio plays and tracks radio air plays at more than 5000 radio stations, major broadcasters as CBS Radio and Viacom, Commercial, Non-Commercial, FM, College and internet radio.

Maini’s position was on November 1st #34 on National Airplay Top50 Rock Chart . She climbed to #26 on National Airplay Top 50 Independent Chart . Awoken Heartbroken is #187 on National Airplay Top200 Chart and it made it this week also to National Airplay Top 50 AC Chart. You also find the results at DRT:s website here. DRT (DigitalRecordTracker) tracks all genres.

Awoken Heartbroken (Official Music Video) was released on November 10th 2014. You can watch the video here on Youtube. Please leave a comment. The video is directed by W.A. Henderson, Hollywood and stars Alejandra De La Rosa and sweet little Rayne.

Music is by Maini Sorri, lyrics by Gary Cornman and remix by Jaakko Viitala. Label behind the release is Reya music . Cd artwork pic by Johan Zetterlund and cd artwork layout Marjo-Riitta Oksanen.

Maini Sorri and Magneto Dayo - Blue SongMaini & Magneto Dayo – Blue Song is available on webshops around the world. Find Blue Song at Amazon and 7Digital and WimpNorway or at iTunes in your country. Below you find links to iTunes in different parts of the world.

If you don’t find iTunes link to your country, please follow any of the links and change the country code in the middle of the address into your country’s country code. You can also follow any of the links. Then click on the little flag top down right the page. Then choose your own country’s flag and you come to iTunes in your country.

iTunes USA
iTunes UK
iTunes Sweden
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iTunes France
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Blue Song was released by Reya music on June 9th 2014. Music by Maini Sorri, lyrics by Gary Cornman & Dashawn Williams, remix by Carsten Lehmann, cd artwork pics by Johan Zetterlund, Dashawn Williams & Anita Hamilton. Cd artwork layout Marjo-Riitta Oksanen.



Maini Sorri - MoiraMaini Sorri & Jörgen Hansson – Moira is on iTunes worldwide, but also for eg in these global webshops: 7digital, Deezer, Amazon,, Emusic, Sonyenterteinment, Rdio, Google

You can also listen to Moira on Spotify

Maini profile pic Hold meMaini Sorri has won Emubands/Alchemy Mastering competition in UK. The prize is that Maini’s next single after Hold Me will be mastered by Alchemy Mastering in London. Alchemy has over the years worked with lots of famous artists and bands, among them Paul McCartney, Guns ´n´ Roses and Oasis.

Alchemy contacted Maini the same day as the name of the winner of the competition was announced. Maini look forward to co-work with the world famous Alchemy Mastering Team. She is happy and proud for winning the prize.

EmuBands is a popular music distributer in UK.

Mainis new singles, released November 13th 2012 by Reya music are now distributed to webshops around the world by Emubands in UK. You can find the 2 new singles in all big webshops around the world. Find your favourite store on the lists.

Maini – Please Go Away is the dance/techno version.

Below you find direct links to Maini – Please Go Away page for download:

Itunes  Sony  We7  Zun (Xbox Music) Nokia  Deezer

Amazon Google

Listen to Maini – Please Go Away on  Spotify

Maini Sorri – Please Go Away (Rock Remix)

Below you find direct links to Maini Sorri – Please Go Away (Rock Remix) for download:

Itunes  Deezer   Amazon  Emusic  Sony  Nokia  Google

Listen to Maini Sorri – Please Go Away (Rock Remix) on Spotify

Listen to Maini Sorri – Please Go Away (Rock Remix) here on Mainis website, it is in the player to the left. Just click on Play button and listen.