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Maini Sorri and Magneto Dayo - Second ChanceMaini and Magneto Dayo‘s new single Second Chance has got great reviews from around the world. Rick Jamm from London writes in Jamsphere Magazine: “In “Second Chance” her performance is almost angelic and plays a perfect foil to Magneto Dayo’s easy-paced rhymes. He flows and she flies. Like heaven and earth” Read the whole review here.

Rick Jamm’s review is also published in Soundlooks (He flows and she flies…like heaven and earth) and in VideoMusicStars (Second Chance – Euro-styled rap and dance).

DownBeatz write in there review: “Their recent single “Second Chance” is a great taste of their eclectic attitude and great production skills. The song strikes punchy and direct from the very first beat… it’s about to become a total club banger!” Read the whole review here

Bree Morcroft, freelance writer from Melbourne, Australia writes: “New York Hip Hop mixed with Swedish Pop… it only takes one listen to stick in your head, and when the instrumental version starts playing – you will be singing”. Read the whole review here.

Joshua Smotherton writes in Middle Tennessee “With it’s upbeat, make-you-move energy and the vocal stylings of Maini’s singing blended with Dayo’s flow, this single is a must for your next dance party. Don’t be surprised when you hear this the next time you hit the club”. Read the whole review here

Bradley Rust, freelance writer from Australia writes: “Two very compelling voices make for a fresh blast of dance floor moving sounds. Fun, catchy and unique” Read the whole review here.

Brett Stewart, Chicago writes in Independent Spotlight: “I love the induction of Magneto Dayo to Sorri’s style. She mixes perfectly with his strong, powerful hip hop delivery. One of the things about Sorri’s music that I’ve always found especially compelling is her ability to work with a myriad of artists and collaborators across great distances to significant success”. Read the whole review here

Carsten Lehmann has written the music. Lyrics are by Maini Sorri and Magneto Dayo. The label behind the release is Reya music from Sweden.

Akademia Award - Best Hard Rock Electronica SongGreat news from The Akademia! Lost Love is playlisted in Shanghai, China, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Istanbul, Turkey, Los Angeles, California and Phoenix, Arizona at Hot FM stations, beginning September 1st.

The Akademia’s Award Winner Campaign for Worldwide Radio Broadcast is gaining great results for Lost Love. The Akademia informs that Lost Love is receiving a strong listener respons around the world. “This is great news and a strong indication that your song is resonating with audiences”

You can listen to Maini’s Akademia Music Awards winner at KHTS Shanghai, China, KHTB Buenos Aires, Argentina, KHTI Istanbul, Turkey, KHTL Los Angeles, California USA, KHTP Phoenix, Arizona USA. Reguest Lost Love by clicking the phone symbol and send a message.

Lost Love is playlisted effective August 1st, thanks to the Winner Campaign, and now in heavy rotation at these Power FM stations: KSPR Radio San Francisco, California USA, KBPR Radio Boston, Massachusetts USA, KPPR Radio Paris, France, KRPR Radio Rome, Italy and KMPR Radio Manila, Philippines.

Lost Love is playlisted, beginning July 1st, thanks to the Winner Campaign, and now in heavy rotation on these major Berkeley Media Group Radio stations: KXRL Radio Los Angeles California USA, KEDG Radio Sydney Australia, KHSX Radio Houston, Texas USA, WLDN Radio London, United Kingdom, WMIC Radio Miami, Florida USA. Reguest by clicking Reguest Line!

Maini Sorri - Lost LoveMaini got great news from The Akademia! Her Akademia Music Awards winning single Lost Love is now in heavy rotation on radio in both Sydney, London, Los Angeles, Miami and Houston and receiving a great listener response!

You can reguest Lost Love by visiting the major stations below, and clicking on “Reguest”: KXRL Radio Los Angeles California USA, KEDG Radio Sydney Australia, KHSX Radio Houston, Texas USA, WLDN Radio London, United Kingdom, WMIC Radio Miami, Florida USA.

The judges motivation about Lost Love, the winner of  Hard Rock/Electronica – Best Song: ” – Well-contoured melodic progressions, flowery lyrics and razor-sharp guitar testimonials converge to effect one of the best uptempo hard rock songs the year has produced.Welcome to read the winner announcement at Akademia!

Someday cdcoverMy EP Someday was released in UK yesterday Monday September 13. Today I got the first review from London. I can’t believe this, I couldn’t dream about such a great review!  See it with your own eyes here at IndieLondon Scroll to eighth review. Isn’t it amazing? I feel very happy! This really made my day!