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The Metronomicon Slay the Dance Floor
Akupara Games has announced that rhythm action RPG The Metronomicon featuring Lost Love by Maini Sorri within the videogame and on the accompanying soundtrack will have its much anticipated home console launch for PS4 on August 29th 2017 and Xbox One on August 30th 2017 digitally via PlayStation Store and Xbox Live respectively, while the soundtrack album comprising of 38 songs from The Metronomicon will be available digitally on PlayStation Store.

The Metronomicon - Slay the Dance Floor_3

The home console release sub-titled Slay the Dance Floor expands upon the initial PC Steam version of The Metronomicon which massively increases the quantity of replay value by introducing local multiplayer into every mode, a new playable character, new and reworked challenges and new ability types, while downloadable content packs are planned to expand the in-game soundtrack further with more music that will be available separately for purchase. Gamers who are looking to play The Metronomicon: Slay the Dance Floor with a rhythm focused peripheral will be pleased to know that Rock Band 4 and Guitar Hero Live guitar controllers from PS4 and Xbox One are fully compatible on their respective platforms. For everyone who has previously purchased The Metronomicon on Steam for PC can download all new content from Slay the Dance Floor on home consoles as a free patch to upgrade The Metronomicon to its Slay the Dance Floor iteration on August 30th 2017.

Akupara Games will be live streaming gameplay from The Metronomicon: Slay the Dance Floor during a live marathon 12 hour charity event in support of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The charity event’s gameplay stream takes place on Saturday, August 19th 2017 between 9am and 9pm PDT on Twitch, while anyone wanting to donate to the cause can do so via Akupara Games’ Tiltify page. The 12 hour gameplay stream will showcase a new endless mode that is unlocked after completing story mode in which players will be challenged to an endless playlist of songs, although the new mode really starts to get interesting when factoring in the gradually increasing enemy levels which make them more of a threat to your characters and numerous gameplay modifiers that are progressively stacked against players.

The Metronomicon Slay the Dance Floor Artists Festival Poster
The Metronomicon: Slay the Dance Floor is available for digital pre-order via Xbox Live at a price of £15.99 in the UK, 17.49 EUR in Europe and $19.99 in America. Players will be able to pre-download the game in advance of its release date in order to play from the very moment Slay the Dance Floor becomes accessible on your Xbox One’s store region.

The Metronomicon’s PC Steam release has been receiving rave reviews from the gaming media and you can read all about that here with undoubtedly more impressive reviews to come from The Metronomicon: Slay the Dance Floor’s home console launch.

You can view a live action trailer for the home console release of The Metronomicon and the home console announcement trailer.

Maini – Parting Of Our Way (Official Music Video) is released on April 24th 2017.  It is directed by Truestudios in UK. You can see the amazing metropolis video here on Youtube. Take a look, how the traffic and the song interacts in a stunning way!

Maini‘s Rock single Parting Of Our Way was released on January 23rd 2017. It is co-produced by Grammy nominated Brian Lanese and Orlando Mestre in The US and mixed and mastered by Brian Lanese. All instruments are performed and recorded by Orlando Mestre. Music is written by Maini and lyrics by Gary Cornman from the USA and the label is Reya music from Sweden.

Parting of Our Way is the 5th of Maini’s singles that are co-produced by Brian Lanese and Orlando Mestre. It has got lots of international radio airplays and is loved by listeners and radio hosts in many countries.

Maini & Magneto Dayo profile pic facebookMaini and Magneto DayoSecond Chance (Official Music Video) is released on March 17th 2017.  See the stunning city video here on Youtube.

Maini’s clear voice, Magneto Dayo’s brilliant rap and Carsten Lehmanns catchy instrumental create upbeat party style music for dance floor.

You find a TV version of Second Chance video without credits here on Youtube.

Second Chance is Maini & Magneto Dayo’s second collaboration. Second Chance stayed for 8 weeks on DRT National Airplay Top 80 Independent Chart and for 4 weeks on National Airplay Top 200 Chart during Spring 2016. Second Chance was during several weeks higher than Avicii, one of the biggest Swedish music imports.

Carsten Lehmann has written the music. Lyrics are by Maini Sorri and Magneto Dayo. The label behind the release is Reya music from Sweden.

The Metronomicon Slay the Dance Floor

Rhythm action RPG The Metronomicon featuring Maini Sorri’s Lost Love is set to release on home consoles including PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2017. The home console ports will be subtitled Slay the Dance Floor as they will retain equal parity in terms of content in parallel with the previously released Steam PC version overlaid with new features including local multiplayer throughout every game mode; a new unlockable playable character; reworked and new challenges; new ability types; and an extensive new game mode, while all downloadable content packs will be available separately for purchase.

If you happen to be at a gaming event in 2017 such as GDC, PAX East Indie MegaBooth #22 or SXSW Gaming Awards, then you can visit the Akupara Games or Puuba booth in which you can play The Metronomicon, enter competitions for prizes and even meet some of the team responsible for creating such an original game.

The PC Steam release of The Metronomicon has been receiving rave reviews from the gaming media and you can read all about that here.

You can watch the official trailer for The Metronomicon: Slay the Dance Floor.

Maini Sorri - Parting Of Our WayMaini‘s new Rock single Parting Of Our Way was released on January 23rd 2017. It is Maini’s 25th cd! It is co-produced by Grammy nominated Brian Lanese and Orlando Mestre in the USA and mixed and mastered by Brian Lanese.

All instruments are performed and recorded by Orlando Mestre. Music is written by Maini and lyrics by Gary Cornman from the USA and the label is Reya music from Sweden.

You can listen to the new single at spotify.

It is available on iTunesUSA, iTunesUK, iTunesSweden, iTunesItaly, iTunesFrance, iTunes Finland, iTunesNorway, iTunesJapan, iTunesPhilippines etc. all around the world. Follow any of the iTunes links and switch the country code in the middle to your country code.

Parting Or Our Way is also available at Deezer and GooglePlay.

You can also listen to Parting Or Our Way  on Bandcamp and on Soundcloud.

CD artwork pic by Johan Zetterlund, CD artwork layout by Alexandra L Simos, Greece.


Maini Sorri’s song Lost Love is featured amongst the incredible 50 song soundtrack in the stunning videogame The Metronomicon; an imaginative mixture of dance rhythm, action and role playing game genres developed by Puuba Games and published by Kasedo Games which officially released for PC and Mac on September 29th 2016. The Metronomicon is available as a digital release on Steam for £14.99, while the soundtrack consisting of 38 songs is available separately for £5.99 or can be purchased as a Deluxe Edition bundle including the game, a digital art book and the soundtrack for £18.88.

A free post-launch update has fulfilled the massive demand from players for user generated content. Players are now able to utilise the very same tools that Puuba Games used when developing the game; resulting in players being able to create choreography for any song you want to. In addition to The Metronomicon Step Editor; compatibility with the StepMania Editor has also be included with full support to import StepMania’s popular .SM, .DWI and .SSC file formats into the game. You can play custom created tracks in Free Play Mode and Story Mode with leaderboard functionality via a unique music track ID; therefore effectively providing infinite replay value. A full tutorial is available for The Metronomicon Step Editor and the StepMania Editor.

Written Reviews (in order of highest to lowest review scores)


The Metronomicon is receiving rave reviews including the following written reviews:

Payne Reactor – 5 out of 5
“Its gameplay is addictive, its music is funky and its graphics are awesome. It has story, it has voice acting and it’s polished to extend. Above my expectations of an indie game. The unique RPG twist that Puuba managed to incorporate into the rhythm game genre, is a stroke of genius.”

The Drastik Measure – 9.7 out of 10
“Varied and impressive soundtrack. Vibrant and over-the-top visuals paired with quirky dancing animations. Daily challenges and high score leaderboards add a LOT of replayability. Wide support for controllers, guitar controllers and dance pads. HIGHLY polished.”

Marooners’ Rock – 9.5 out of 10
“It is an interesting mashup, but the important question is: Does it work? And the answer is yes, yes it does.”

Bemanistyle – 9 out of 10
“The music and immediately recognizable rhythm elements are likely what will draw people to the game, but the sidequests and item collecting really flesh out the game. There is actually a lot to dive into given the game’s reasonable price tag.”

Brash Games – 9 out of 10
“The Metronomicon is a great rhythm game that excels in every area. Different, but familiar gameplay – check. Awesome songs – check. Great replayability – check. The promise of future tracks – check. If you are looking for a rhythm game to play then The Metronomicon is one of the best.”

Christ Centred Gamer – 9 out of 10
“Fun Rhythm/RPG mashup game with great music. The songs are mostly electronic dance music, however there are a few rock ones in there. The music is really good.”

GameWatcher – 9 out of 10
“The Metronomicon sets itself apart by way of numerous RPG mechanics that actually make you strategize a bit while you’re trying to keep the rhythm of the song going”

Gaming Trend – 9 out of 10
“Bright, bold, and loud is the Metronomicon…thegame is pure, unfiltered goodness”

TechRaptor – 9 out of 10
“With a killer soundtrack, some fun mechanics, and quite a lot of content, The Metronomicon is a beat worth getting down to”

Game Vortex – 8.8 out of 10
“If you’re a fan of RPGs and D&D, you’re okay with poking fun at them and you like rhythm games, you might just love The Metronomicon.”

New Game Network – 8.7 out of 10
“With an impressively novel and well-done approach to gameplay, as well as a great tracklist and campaign to back it up, The Metronomicon is one of the best rhythm games in recent memory.”

Capsule Computers – 8.5 out of 10
“The Metronomicon is the new benchmark that all other rhythm games on the PC should be measured against”

Cog Connected – 8.5 out of 10
“With the colourful and fun character design, this is a game that should be dancing into everyone’s homes”

Press Play Media – 8.4 out of 10
“The inclusion of adventure and RPG elements works great. If you’re a PC gamer and you were jealous of console owners with all their rhythm titles – be jealous no more.”

VG Professional – 8.1 out of 10
“The Metronomicon is a clever take on rhythm games that mixes in RPGs and manages to add a new element of challenge.”

Hardcore Gamer – 8 out of 10
“…such a great soundtrack”

Hey Poor Player – 4 out of 5
“Of course, a game like this is only as good as its soundtrack, and Metronomicon delivers on that front and then some. I don’t even like electronic music typically (I’m more of a classic rock and metal kinda guy), but I still sound myself humming and tapping my feet to the soundtrack’s catchy beats.”



RPGamer – 4 out of 5
“Anyone who’s interested in the strategic side of classic RPG combat and isn’t afraid of the beat should give The Metronomicon a look”

We Got This Covered – 4 out of 5
“The task of combining rhythm action and RPG gameplay styles is not one that many developers would have been able to pull off as well as Puuba have with The Metronomicon. As well as a stack of great jams and entertaining gameplay, there’s plenty of polish and enough depth here to keep you stepping back to the dance floor.”

Worth Playing – 8 out of 10
“The different modes give the game some legs, while the soundtrack is absolutely fantastic. Thankfully, The Metronomicon delivers. There are around 50 tracks, and there are no duds in the set, making this one of the stronger licensed soundtracks in recent memory. The Metronomicon is certainly recommended for rhythm fans.”

Mammoth Gamers – 7.5 out of 10
“With its colorful visuals, catchy music, and simple but challenging gameplay; The Metronomicon is bound to hook fans of the rhythm genre while its RPG mechanics and various modes give players a reason to keep coming back for more.”

PLAY! Zine – 7.5 out of 10
“A bold step for the music/rhythm genre that is sure to scratch your itch, especially if you grew tired of the mainstream games that used to dominate the genre.”

Hooked Gamers – 7.3 out of 10
“The Metronomicon comes together in a neat package which rhythm game fans will certainly get a deal of enjoyment out of. Bringing in the RPG elements makes this game stand out from other rhythm games, and there’s enough here to keep you going through the end of the game and beyond.”

GameGrin – 7 out of 10
“Fun and entertaining with its eclectic mix of indies”

OnRPG – 3.5 out of 5
“It’s a quirky, enjoyable, amusing title that would definitely appeal to an audience that enjoyed the games it’s inspired from!”

Lifted Geek – 3 out of 5
“It is very well polished, runs super smooth, the input calibration was spot on, no bugs or glitches, animations and voice acting were great.”

Written Previews

“The Metronomicon brilliantly combines dance battles and boss battles. Make no mistake: The Metronomicon may look like a simple, arcadey button-tapping rhythm game, but there’s a ton of depth here for RPG min/maxers to really sink their teeth into, and you’ll get to jam out to some great music while you do it.”

“Metronomicon mashes music and role-playing with fantastic results”

Reviews and Gameplay Stream Videos


There are also a variety of YouTube videos accompanying written reviews or capturing live gameplay streams including the following:

Brainbean Gaming (Review)

Capsule Computers (Review)

Dragnix (Review)

GameX (Review)

TheDebra Sanchez (Review)

GameSpot (Battling Monsters with the Power of Music Gameplay from PAX East 2016)

Let’s Try The Metronomicon – You Got Your Glowsticks in my Chainmail (Gameplay Stream)

Smash Gaming – Smash Look! The Metronomicon Gameplay

Total Biscuit, A Cynical Brit – ‘Ave A Gander At The Metronomicon

Yujoon Twitch – The Metronomicon: First 2 Areas (Gameplay Stream)

User Generated Content Showcase Videos

These YouTube videos showcase some of the best User Generated Content created by gamers for The Metronomicon:

K3W3L – The Metronomicon – UGC Showcase #1

K3W3L – Finally, My UGC Finished!

Official Developer Videos


There are official developer videos such as trailers and gameplay explanations including:

Launch Trailer

Gameplay Trailer

How to Play The Metronomicon

Teaser Trailer

The Metronomicon Minute #10 – Soundtrack Announcement (Part 2)

The Metronomicon Minute #9 – Soundtrack Announcement (Part 1)

The Metronomicon Minute #8 – Cut Scenes

The Metronomicon Minute #7 – Peripherals

The Metronomicon Minute #6 – Quests and Challenges

The Metronomicon Minute #5 – Funky Dance Monster Concepts

The Metronomicon Minute #4 – Developer Diary

The Metronomicon Minute #3 – Developer Diary from PAX East 2016

The Metronomicon Minute #2 – Developer Diary

The Metronomicon Minute #1 – Developer Diary


METRONOMICON pressfoto1Great news! Maini’s song Lost Love is included in the soundtrack of the American video game The Metronomicon. The game will be officially released on September 29th by the Los Angeles company Puuba and Kasedo Games. The game developer has released a trailer showing some of the cut scenes with Lost Love featured at the end of the trailer. See the new trailer here

See another great new Metronomicon trailer here.

See the Steam page here

Gaming Trend writes about the game:  “There are times when a game pops out of nowhere and instantly knocks me off my feet. Kasedo Games and Puuba’s The Metronomicon is one of those titles; the game’s excellent blend of RPG and rhythm mechanics, hilarious story, and killer soundtrack are just some of the things that are shaping The Metronomicon to be one of the best rhythm games in recent years.”

About the soundtrack: ” As for the soundtrack, it is superb: it does for indie and electronic music what Guitar Hero did for rock. Almost every song is perfect and shows an eclectic range of electronic and pop music, with some hard rock and other influences peppered in.”

” Brimming with unique personality and a soundtrack that almost everyone will love, The Metronomicon is one of the best rhythm games I’ve had the joy of playing. This is one title that all music fans should try when it’s released in September.”

Read the whole review here at Gaming Trend

Maini Sorri - I Fall To PiecesMaini‘s rock single I Fall To Pieces got excellent reviews. Rick Jamm from London writes in Jamsphere Magazine:

“Like all of Maini recordings, I Fall To Pieces proves to be an extremely rewarding listen as its internal complexities unfold…As usual Maini once again shows that she is at the top of her game vocally. The song’s musical and lyrical thoughts are delivered in the clearest manner they could ever be”. Read the whole review here

Brett Stewart, Chicago, Tilting Windmill Studios writes: “Sorri’s vocals are solid, as usual…I’d actually align her vocal style to that of Yoko Ono. I mean that as a compliment, too…Sorri’s typical pop sensibility is infused into ‘I Fall To Pieces’ as well, and it’s a catchy tune.”Read the whole review here

Bree Morcroft, freelance writer from Melbourne, Australia writes: “After a slow-building, atmospheric introduction, ‘I Fall To Pieces’ explodes into a slightly unexpected, but pleasing bright burst of pop goodness the moment the vocal kicks in.” Read the whole review here

Bradley Rust, freelance writer from Sydney, Australia writes: “Maini follows up the impressive collaboration single ‘Second Chance’ with a new single of her own. To start with, my first vibe is a little Nightwish style from the opening 30 seconds before the pace eases a little and her voice takes centre stage”. Read the whole review here

More more sound writes: “I Fall To Pieces” is a truly stunning track with a rock edge that feels emotional and fragile, yet uplifting and direct, highlighting Maini’s strong ability to turn touching personal stories into amazing melodies with a purpose”. Read the whole review here


Maini Sorri - I Fall To PiecesMaini‘s rock single I Fall To Pieces made it to WOS Radio Top20 Playlist for June 2016 in USA. It was also released on July 14th in WOS Radio’s #1 Award winning Podcast Episode #431.

Enjoy 30 minutes of amazing music here. Maini’s song is #6 on the show. You also find Episode #431 on iTunes here

I Fall To Pieces was released on May 31st. It is co-produced by Grammy nominated Brian Lanese and Orlando M (Orlando Mestre) in the USA, engineered and mastered by Brian Lanese and mixed by Brandon Bujnowski, USA. All instruments are performed and recorded by Orlando M. Music is written by Maini and lyrics by Gary Cornman from the USA and the label is Reya music from Sweden.

I Fall To Pieces cd artwork 700Maini’s new single will be played on radio in UK many times this week. Please tune in on Monday – 7pm – 10pm  GMT (8pm-11pm Swedish time and CET, 2pm-5pm EST) WRFN 1025 

Wednesday – 10am – 12noon GMT (11 am-1pm Swedish time and CET, 5am-7am EST) Identify Radio

Wednesday – 6pm – 8pm GMT (7pm-9pm Swedish time and CET, 1pm-3pm EST) GloTIMEradio

Wednesday – 7am – 9am GMT (8pm-10pm Swedish time and CET, 2pm-4pm EST)– Rock Radio UK

Friday – 6pm – 8pm GMT (7pm-9pm Swedish time and CET, 1pm-3pm EST) Revival Internet Radio

Saturday – 11pm – 1am GMT

Sunday – 12 noon – 2pm GMT Warm Radio UK

Sunday – 8pm – 10pm GMT  Fasching Web Radio

Last Saturday Maini’s single was played on  Sword Radio UK

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