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Maini Sorri with roots in Vammala makes music internationally

At High school age Maini Sorri lived in her mother’s home town in Vammala. Her music is successfull on the Spanish Top20 chart.

The international radio station Music World Radio compiles the chart there listeners can vote for their favorite track weekly. Maini Sorris techno hit Let Me Do Your Time has remained on the chart for over a year. It was on fifth spot  after 52 weeks on chart.

Maini Sorri will soon release a new single in the United States. Also a music video will be made for Sorris dance single Hold Me.

Maini Sorri was born in Ulvila, from where the family moved to Lempäälä. “When my father died, we moved to my mother’s home town Vammala where I went to the first class at high school. I moved to Sweden at the age of 17, and finished the high school there,” said Maini Sorri, in the summer of 2006 in Alueviestis interview.
Maini Sorri has composed songs from 8 years age. Not only a singer and songwriter, Maini Sorri also has a music teacher education.

Written by Samuli Kinnari April 13th 2013, Kokemäenjokilaakson Uutiset, Finland

Translated into English by Google with a little help by Maini Sorri.

Read the original newspaper article in Finnish here at Kokemäenjokilaakson Uutiset

Maini Sorri - Just A Dream (Remixes)PopVulture is a global entertainment magazine, based in California. Maini has the pleasure of being a Headline Artist in PopVulture magazine again! Maini’s interview was re-published with updates on November 11th, the same day as the new EP Maini – Just A Dream (Remixes) was released by Reya Music, Sweden.

One of the 6 tracks on Mainis new single, Just A Dream (Radio Edit) is available for listening at the end of the article.

PopVulture covers content from around the world. Read Maini’s interview in PopVulture here

Just A Dream (Radio Edit) is produced by Carsten Lehmann, Germany, music is written by Maini and the lyrics by Gary Cornman, USA.

Maini profile pic Hold mePopVulture is a global entertainment magazine, based in California. It covers content around the world. PopVulture contacted Maini about a rising artist feature. Maini became one of their headline artists.

Read Maini’s interview here at PopVulture magazine September 19th 2013.



Maini Sorri - Hold Me

Maini pic 7Maini Sorri is being recognized around the world.

Sorri rocks in England.

Maini Sorri is known from Sisuradio Musalista CDs. She shared second place in an international contest, the Global Voice Singing Competition Final. Maini’s contribution “Moira” is her own composition.

– I must say that things have gone great in the recent years. I’m delighted and encouraged by positive feedback, says Maini Sorri.
She says that she has fans around the world today. – It is nice to be involved in various contests and receive recognition.

Maini Sorri biggest hit is called Let me do your time.
Sorri’s mentor in Global Voice competition, is the Swedish musician and producer Jorgen Hansson that has received many awards.

Maini was interviewed by Johanna Dickson.

Published: Sunday, January 6 at 07:30, Sisu news

Translated by Maini and Google translater.

See the original article and listen to the interview in Finnish here

I was interviewed by New Usb radio station in UK. It was very nice, I enjoyed every second. I was interviewed by Scott Travers. Gonzalo Arzamendi CEO at Arzuk Productions in California took good care of me during the music. It was really a great pleasure, lots of thanks to you all at New Usb! You can listen to the interview below.

Scott Travers wrote these kind words about the interview, thank you Scott!

“From the kitchen table, overlooking autumn leaves and glistening sunset comes a very friendly and inspiring talk with a Swedish Star who is lighting up the world with her varied styles and musical mystery.

Warm, Friendly and sincere in her replies and comments, Maini was a pleasure to chat to from the other side of the water…

her new album Dreamworld will be released on Monday 31st Oct 2011″

You can listen to New Usb here

Maini 097 större Redigerad

“I have had the honor to interview Maini Sorri after the summer.

Have you had a good summer?
Yes thanks, I’ve had a good but intense summer:)

Best memory from summer 2011?
I got two record deal by 272 Records in Hollywood.

How did you get your stage name?
My stage name is my maiden name.

Which of your songs do you personally like best and why?
I’ve had different favorites. The one I like best and the one I’m happiest for right now is Let Me Do Your Time.

How do you come up with your songs?
Before I compose I always get a strong feeling that does not go over with less than that I write a song. Often it is something sad that has happened to trigger the feeling. When I finished writing the song, I’m happy again:)

Plans for the future? Gigs? New video?
Acoustica, Vol. 26 with two of my songs have just been released in Hollywood. A new album is coming out in England and USA this fall. A new video is almost ready. Next gig will be to sing at a birthday party.

If you would tour with famous artist whom would you choose then?
Wow, that was hard. Someone with a great voice that seems like a nice person. Josh Groban I think.

What other musicians you work with?
I have a band with the Italian artist John Baumann and collaborate with the multi-instrumentalist Jaakko Viitala.

What does “Love” mean to you?

Being accepted and loved as I am and love back in the same way.

Tell us where to buy your new album?
It is easy to buy the new album Acoustica, Vol. 26 through my website here
and click on the album cover.
Lots of hugs

Swedish Top Music Interview by Carita 23rd August 2011
You find the original Swedish article here
Translated into English by Google translater with a little help from Maini.