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Maini profile pic Hold meMaini Sorri has won Emubands/Alchemy Mastering competition in UK. The prize is that Maini’s next single after Hold Me will be mastered by Alchemy Mastering in London. Alchemy has over the years worked with lots of famous artists and bands, among them Paul McCartney, Guns ´n´ Roses and Oasis.

Alchemy contacted Maini the same day as the name of the winner of the competition was announced. Maini look forward to co-work with the world famous Alchemy Mastering Team. She is happy and proud for winning the prize.

EmuBands is a popular music distributer in UK.

Maini pic 7Maini Sorri is being recognized around the world.

Sorri rocks in England.

Maini Sorri is known from Sisuradio Musalista CDs. She shared second place in an international contest, the Global Voice Singing Competition Final. Maini’s contribution “Moira” is her own composition.

– I must say that things have gone great in the recent years. I’m delighted and encouraged by positive feedback, says Maini Sorri.
She says that she has fans around the world today. – It is nice to be involved in various contests and receive recognition.

Maini Sorri biggest hit is called Let me do your time.
Sorri’s mentor in Global Voice competition, is the Swedish musician and producer Jorgen Hansson that has received many awards.

Maini was interviewed by Johanna Dickson.

Published: Sunday, January 6 at 07:30, Sisu news

Translated by Maini and Google translater.

See the original article and listen to the interview in Finnish here

Maini Sorri SmileRead my interview on Gaydarnation or see below:

Interview on Gaydarnation Radio,  UK January 19 2011

Swedish artist Maini is gearing up to release her new electronic dance single ‘Let Me Do Your Time’, arranged by techno master Piyasiri.

We spoke to Maini about her music and how it puts people in the right mood.

So tell us a bit about the new single ‘Let Me Do Your Time’ – what can we expect?
It is a catchy track with a great dance background by Piyasiri. It is a song to love and to sing along to. I’m sure that the video will put a smile on your face.

What are you most proud of about the single?
As soon as people hear the intro, it puts them in the right mood. [Smiles].

You recently released an EP in the UK – tell us a bit more about that…
My EP Someday featured pop ballads. I was happy with all great reviews I got and for being on Music World Radio’s Top 20 charts for 16 weeks so far. Someday recently stayed at number one for three weeks.

So, when did you first realise you had musical talent?
When I was three years old, our family visited an old lady who had a toy piano and I loved to play on it. When I came home, I became interested in the big piano we had at home. At eight, I began to write piano music.

Do you like to draw on your own experiences when you make music?
When I write songs, I always get a strong feeling that must come out, and the music and the lyrics come to me. Yes, my own lyrics are about feelings I have felt. But often I use lyrics that people have sent to me, hoping that I would compose the music. The lyrics of ‘Let Me Do Your Time’ are by Gary Cornman from the USA.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
The best advice I’ve been given was from a friend who suggested I begin to write songs. I only wrote  piano music ’til I was 17.

The new single is very club-friendly – do you go out clubbing much yourself?
Music and skiing practice take up most of my time, so I don’t have much time for clubbing. [Smiles].

“It is a catchy track with a great dance background by Piyasiri…as soon as people hear the intro, it puts them in the right mood. [Smiles].”

If we were to buy you a drink at the bar, what would you ask for?
I always stay sober and have great fun anyway. [Laughs].

Where’s your favourite place on earth?
At my computer connected to fans all around the world is a nice place to be. [Smiles].

What makes you happy?
All the great messages from fans, great reviews and airplays of my music make me happy.

What makes you angry?
When people don’t respect human rights.

Finish the sentence: A good song starts with…
A genuine feeling and something you want to share.

It ends with…
Hopefully a nice melody and great lyrics that can make people happy or comfort them when they are sad.

What are your plans for the single and beyond?
I hope this single will get lots of listeners all around the world. I have recorded several new songs that I am going to release. I have also recorded a new single with my Italian and Swedish band Sorriso.

Anything to add?
Let’s be kind and loving to each other.

Someday cdcoverReview of Someday in The Rocker UK, December 23 2010:

“Ms Sorri sings mainly in English, although the lyrics are translations of her original Swedish lyrics, and comes across a bit like a Corr meeting Enya. Which sounds better than it writes. The lead track, in particular, is a fine piece of soft rock that could easily pick up play on BBC Radio 2. As could ‘I Am Leaving’, which has an excellent melody and some good harmonies”.

Review of Someday in Fatea Magazin UK, October 2010:

“The standard for Scandinavian pop was set so high in the 70s that it’s never really been bettered, Swedish based Finn, Maini Sorri is the latest to give it a go with five track ep/mini album “Somebody”. In fairness it’s a reasonable release, classic pop sensibilities, made slightly more exotic by Maini’s accent and the way she attacks certain words and phrases, it makes you give it a second take, but ultimately there is a feel of radio fodder about most of the album, until she gets to the reprise of “I’m Leaving”, “Lahden Yksin” sung in her own language feels on the mark”.

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